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Winchester England, Academics

To apply, you must be a currently enrolled, degree-seeking, undergraduate UW-Eau Claire student. You need to be in good academic standing and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0. You must maintain enrollment and continue to meet the academic standing and GPA requirements the semester prior to departure. You may apply as a freshman but must have at least sophomore standing by the time the program begins.

Please note that the fall application cycle can be more competitive than the spring. We have limited placements in the fall as the fall semester is an exchange program, which requires us to cap at the number of students going to Winchester with the number of Winchester students coming to UW-Eau Claire. In the last few years, we have been able to accept all fall applicants.  Students not accepted for fall can transfer their applications to another fall program or the Winchester spring semester. The spring application cycle is not competitive. We are able to place all students who write strong applications and meet the eligibility requirements.

You will take four modules (courses) from regular Winchester offerings. Subjects include American Studies, Archaeology, Business, Dance, Drama, Education, English, History, Media & Film Studies, Performing Arts, Psychology, Screen Production, Social Care Studies, and Theology & Religious Studies.

Business Students: The CADE Office in the College of Business recommends that College of Business students consult closely with their CADE adviser regarding study abroad at the University of Winchester. Curricular changes at the University of Winchester have made it more difficult for students, especially student studying abroad as upper classman, to earn enough credit in business studies to advance their UW-Eau Claire degree program.  In addition, COB students may be asked to provide a letter of support to register for level five and level six modules.

Psychology Students: U of Winchester Psychology Department requires visiting students to demonstrate one year of research methods in order to enroll in 2nd and 3rd year modules (level 5 & 6 modules).    You must have successfully completed UWEC  PSYC 265- Statistical Methods in Psychology I and PSYC 271- Methods of Research in Psychology prior to your semester at Winchester in order to access level 5 and 6 psychology modules.  Winchester strictly enforces this pre-requisite.

You can learn more about academics at the University of Winchester at the Incoming-Students page. (Note that you will be asked for login credentials.  Just click "Cancel" and you will be taken to the page.) Choose the "Module Information" link.  Modules are organized by Semester 1 (fall) and Semester 2 (spring). The module schedule for the following academic year is typically produced in mid-April to early May. You should use the current year courses as a guide for what will be offered next year. 

Many courses you can take at University of Winchester have already been evaluated for UW-Eau Claire credit.  To find courses that have been evaluated for Winchester you will go to the Transfer Wizard site:  

Please keep in mind that this is a historical record of past course equivalences. There is no guarantee that the same courses will be offered in the future, or that they will be offered during the term in which you are abroad.

  1. Choose United Kingdom in from the “Country” pull down menu, then hit “Search”
  2. Select “Univ of Winchester” by clicking the link.
  3. There are a few different ways to search for course equivalencies:
  • Search the first 300:  To see the first 300, simply hit the “Search” button without inputting a subject. The first 300 courses, in alphabetical order by the U of Winchester “School Subject” (e.g. AM for American studies or BS for business studies) will appear.  However, more than 300 courses have been evaluated for Winchester. As such you cannot see all Winchester courses by searching in this way.
  • Search by U of Winchester “School Subject”:  For example, if you only want to see courses designated as history by U of Winchester, input “HS” in the search function, which is the history subject code at U of Winchester.  To find the Winchester subject codes, you will need to open the module Word document for each subject found on the Wincheser site:
  • Search by course: If you want to see if a particular U of Winchester course has an established UWEC equivalency, you can enter the U of Winchester subject code and course number (e.g. HS1004) in the “Search”.  Some courses may not have an established equivalency.  An official equivalency can be established for the course after you are accepted to the program.

This program fulfills the complete Foreign Culture requirement upon successful completion.  Please email Degree Review at after completion of the program to update your degree audit. (Students earning a B.A., B.F.A. or B.M degree in the College of Arts & Sciences cannot use study abroad to fulfill their foreign language/foreign culture requirement. See the university catalog for details.)

The Winchester program runs both fall and spring semesters. Fall term runs September-December; Spring runs mid-January through early April. Students accepted to the fall exchange have the option of staying the full academic year. Exact dates will be available the semester prior to the exchange. 

updated 3/8/16, clw

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