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Award and Scholarship Recipients (2010-2011)

Kurt, Clint, and David

In May 2011 we awarded $15,000 in departmental scholarships at the annual Student Awards Banquet; we awarded over $13,000 in 2010. These scholarships are funded almost exclusively by alumni donations and employer matching gifts, and many scholarships are named in honor of Chemistry faculty from years past. Recipients of the extra-departmental scholarships, for which we had several winners, are also recognized at the awards banquet.

Chemistry Department Awards & Scholarships

CRC Freshman of the Year Award:

ACS POLYED Organic Chemistry Award:

ACS Analytical Chemistry Student Award:

ACS Environmental Chemistry Award:

American Institute of Chemists - Outstanding Senior Chemist Award:

ACS Inorganic Chemistry Award:

Chemcentral Scholarship ($1000):

Philip J. Chenier scholarship ($600):

Students of “Dr. O” Scholarship (full tuition, $7364 in 2010 and $8024 in 2011):

Lois & Mel Gleiter Scholarship ($300 each):

Marie & Floyd Krause Scholarship ($500 each):

Luchsinger Scholarship ($150):

Alfred Bader/Leo Ochrymowycz Scholarship ($500):

Anna Thruston Scholarship ($1500):

Chairs Awards for Outstanding Student Achievement ($200 each):

Total = $13,300 (2010) and $15,000 (2011)

Extra-Departmental Scholarships

Ed and Clarissa Bogumill Memorial ($1500):

Leoba Hogan Scientific Research ($1200):

David Estervig Memorial ($350):

Nationally-Competitive Scholarships

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship (Honorable Mention):

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