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The Chemistry department offers an array of degree programs to help students target their career goals in a number of directions. The Chemistry department is accredited by the American Chemical Society to offer three ACS approved degrees in chemistry. In addition to this more traditional major in chemistry, the department offers a number of majors in cooperation with other schools and departments at UW-Eau Claire. There is the Chemistry-Teaching major, which is offered in cooperation with the School of Education for those students interested in a career teaching chemistry at the secondary school level. The department also offers a Chemistry-Business major, in cooperation with the School of Business for those students intersted in pursuing a career in a chemistry-related industry. And the department offers, jointly with the Biology department, a major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, for those students interested in pursuing a career in the life sciences. Below are links for downloading the course requirements for each of these majors, along with example 4-year plans for completing these majors.

pic Chemistry-ACS with General Emphasis

pic Chemistry-ACS with Material Science Emphasis

pic Chemistry-ACS with Biochemistry Emphasis

pic Chemistry with Research Emphasis

pic Chemistry with Business Emphasis

pic Chemistry-Teaching

pic Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

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