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Fall 2017 Opportunities:

UW System Opportunities

Small Teaching Book Group

Looking for frSmall Teaching Bookesh, small, and easy changes to enrich the learning experience of your students?

Join facilitator April Bleske-Rechek as we discover new approaches in Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning by James M. Lang. A relatively small change, whether it's a 10 minute class activity or rephrasing a discussion question, can result in big learning.

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Building Inclusive Classrooms: Hmong Students and Culture

Charles Vue Photo

Join facilitator Charles Vue, Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs, in discussion to better understand our Hmong students, as we strive to build more welcoming and productive classroom environments.

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 Inclusive Pedagogy and Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

Join facilitatDiverse People Holding Handsor Jeff Goodman as we learn more about creating inclusive pedagogy and learning environments. We will read and discuss ways to design courses with varied materials, teaching methods, and learning activities to accommodate students of diverse backgrounds. We will also explore ways to incorporate diversity into our course content and learning outcomes.


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Teaching College Book Group

Teaching College by Norman Eng

What can we learn from marketers and K-12 teachers as we strive to connect with our students and keep them engaged? Join facilitator Cindy Albert in reading and discussing Teaching College: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting, and Engaging Students by Norman Eng.

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Successful Teaching Practices: How UWEC Faculty Flip Their Teaching

Flipping Your Class GraphicAttend a series of sessions which feature colleagues who have flipped their courses. Learn why they decided to change the way they teach, how they got started, the challenges they overcame, and how they are now using the flipped strategy.

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Chairs/Directors Group


Leadership SignDepartment chairs and program directors/coordinators are invited to participate in the first ever Chairs/Directors group starting Fall 2017. The purpose of this group is to connect department/program leaders with each other and with resources to help them guide their units effectively.

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Midterm Student Evaluations and Class Observations/Video Recordings

CETL representatives are available to visit your courses to observe, video record, or facilitate student evaluations during midterm to provide you feedback on your teaching and student engagement.