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Davies Center’s Level 3 terrace is a vegetated roof that reduces the amount of runoff from the building. The green roof retains rainfall, absorbing much of the rain and allowing the rest to drain much more slowly though the drainage system into Little Niagara Creek. In contrast to a hardscaped roof, this allows the water level of the creek to rise more slowly during heavy rainfall, protecting its banks from damage due to erosion. It also acts as a filter for the rainwater, limiting the amount of pollutants that the runoff carries from the rooftop. The roof design’s solar reflective and vegetated surfaces also provide insulation and help lower urban air temperatures.

The mix of plants on Davies Center’s green roof is designed to tolerate a range of moisture conditions and absorb water quickly. Plants include dianthus, prickly pear cactus, golden garlic, yarrow and numerous species of ferns, sedge and sedum.

The original selection of plant material comprising the green roof is listed below.

Achillea ageratifolia — Greek Yarrow
Achillea tomentosa — Wooly Yarrow
Ajuga reptans "Catlin’s Giant" — Catlin's Giant Carpet Bugle
Allium moly — Golden Garlic
Allium schoenoprasum — Ornamental Chives
Armeria maritima — Sea Thrift
Aster azureus — Sky Blue Aster
Carex bicknellii — Prairie Sedge
Carex eburnea — Bristleleaf Sedge
Carex muhlenbergii — Sand Bracted Sedge
Delosperma "Mesa Verde" — Mesa Verde Hardy Ice Plant
Delosperma congestum "Gold Nugget" — Gold Nugget Hardy Ice Plant
Dennstaedtia punctilobula — Hay-scented Fern
Dianthus "Firewitch" — Firewitch Carnation
Dryopteris affinis "The King" — Golden-scaled Fern
Dryopteris intermedia — Fancy Fern
Opuntia compressa — Prickly Pear Cactus
Pellaea atropurpurea — Purple Cliffbrake Fern
Pteridium aquilinum — Bracken Fern
Schizachyrium scoparium — Little Bluestem
Sedum acre "Aurca"
Sedum acre "Gold Moss"
Sedum album
Sedum cauticolum
Sedum ellacombianum
Sedum floriferum "Weihenstephaner Gold"
Sedum hybridum "Immergrunchen"
Sedum hybridum "Czar's Gold"
Sedum kamtchaticum
Sedum kamtchaticum "Variegatum"
Sedum reflexum "Blue Spruce"
Sedum rupestre "Angelina"
Sedum sexangulare
Sedum spurium "Album Superbum"
Sedum spurium "Fuldaglut"
Sedum spurium "Green Mantle"
Sedum spurium "John Creech"
Sedum spurium "Red Carpet"
Sedum spurium "Summer Glory"
Sedum spurium "Tricolor"
Sedum ternatum
Sporobolus heterolepis — Prairie Dropseed
Veronica prostrata — Prostrate Speedwell