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Recycling + Composting

Throughout the new Davies Center are containers that support single-stream recycling. Earlier recycling initiatives required separating acceptable paper materials from plastics, metal and glass containers. With single-stream recycling, recyclable materials are co-mingled in a single container. These materials include plastics (recycling codes 1–7), glass and metal beverage containers, various kinds of paper, cardboard and paperboard. Non-recyclable materials — destined to take up space in a nearby landfill for centuries to come­ — have a separate container. These two receptacles are conveniently placed side by side. Davies Center was designed to have an easily accessible area dedicated to separation, collection and storage of materials for recycling.

Composting containers can also be found in Davies Center and Hilltop Center. Food waste should be included in this waste stream, together with all the non-recyclable service items from Marketplace and Riverview Cafe. Blugold Dining uses exclusively compostable materials manufactured from paper or corn-based polymers that are designed to break down in a municipal composting facility. In addition to the post-sale materials from the composting receptacles, Blugold Dining’s composting stream also contains a substantial amount of kitchen waste that is carefully and thoroughly diverted from the landfill.