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Zorn Arena

Zorn Arena

Located on Garfield Avenue across from Hibbard Humanities Hall, W.L. Zorn Arena is the largest multipurpose facility on campus. Many of the university’s artists and lecturers make their presentations in Zorn Arena, which can seat up to 3,300 people. Zorn Arena is also the home for men’s and women’s intercollegiate basketball.

W.L. Zorn Arena was named in honor of Willis L. Zorn, dean of men, director of athletics and head basketball coach. Bill Zorn began his distinguished 40-year career at Eau Claire in 1928. He had been an athlete at Stevens Point State Normal School and at the University of Chicago, where he gained fame as one of Amos Alonzo Stagg's great backs. Elected to the NAIA Hall of Fame in 1958, Zorn promoted "athletics for all" through the Men's Athletic Association.

The physical education teaching facility was completed in 1951 and first used in 1952. Originally known as the Fieldhouse, the building was renamed the University Arena in January 1969, and named for Zorn after his death in 1987.