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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is paying for this new building?

Past, present and future students of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire are paying for their new student center through segregated fees assessed since 2000. No tax dollars are involved.


2. How was the new student center named?

After a survey of UW-Eau Claire students, faculty-staff, alumni and emeriti, the university administration announced that the new student center would be named W.R. Davies Student Center. The original Davies Center was also dedicated to the memory of William R. Davies, the second president of UW-Eau Claire and the first person for whom a building on the UW-Eau Claire campus was named.


3. What happened to the original Davies Center?

W.R. Davies University Center opened its doors to 1,708 students on September 27, 1959. In subsequent years Davies Center kept pace with increasing enrollment and changing needs through building additions in 1964, 1976, 1982 and 1991. The building has been deconstructed. In its place will be green space and an outdoor amphitheater. Construction of these outdoor spaces will continue through spring 2013.


4. What are the sustainability features of the new building?

Some of the new building’s sustainability features include solar panels, a green roof, and Blugold Dining efforts. The solar panels are currently responsible for providing the energy needed for hot water and the building’s third-level terrace is used to absorb rain water in an effort to decrease runoff. Floor materials, carpeting, wall coverings, paints and reclaimed wood panelling were chosen with sustainability in mind. Blugold Dining is using only local meat and 15% of their total purchases are local products.


5. What is happening to the Little Niagara Creek?

The restoration of the Little Niagara Creek will continue during fall semester under the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


6. Where can I park during construction?

The Parking and Transportation Services office announced the opening of the West Phillips lot.  A Visitors Lot will be available at the east end of Davies Center (located between Davies Center and Phillips Hall) at a future date. An August 15 news release summarized parking changes for the 2012–13 academic year.


7. What are the hours of the new Davies Center?

The hours of the new student center are online, and mirror those of the original Davies Center. During the academic year, standard building hours are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday.


8. Will there be higher fees for facilities use?

Due to higher operation costs, some of the facility rates have increased. Please visit
Event Services
or call 715-836-5631 for more information.


9. What changes are there to the room reservation process?

There are no changes to the room reservation process. To reserve a room contact
Event Services
, 715-836-5631.


10. How do spaces compare between the original and the new Davies Center?

  • Meeting Rooms: There are 11 in the new Davies Center.
    There were nine in the original Davies Center.

  • Student Organization Meeting Rooms: In the new Davies Center, there are three — two for student organizations and one for the Student Senate. There was one in the original Davies Center.

  • Theaters: Both the new and the original Davies Center had a theater. Woodland Theater is equipped with Blu-ray and high-definition projector, improved sound system with surround sound, a movie theater quality screen, and 190 comfortable seats.

  • Ballrooms: Both the new and the original Davies Center had two ballrooms dividing into six spaces. The Ojibwe Ballroom is equipped with seven state-of-the-art high-definition projectors with drop-down screens. The smaller Dakota Ballroom is equipped with five state-of-the-art high-definition projectors with drop-down screens. Both ballrooms are equipped with in-room sound systems, built-in wireless mics, and have the capability to support audio, lighting and video systems for large events and concerts.

11. What are the reservation rates for student groups?

In an effort to continue recognizing student organizations and the funding of our new student center by the students, student organizations will not pay room rentals or technology fees unless admission is charged. The new student center has three meeting rooms designated specifically for student organizations and student government. Visit Event Services for complete reservation information.


12. Why won't there be a cafeteria in the building?

The $48.8 million budget for building the new student center was set long ago, and the cost of creating a cafeteria was estimated at $5 million. Based on strong student opinion, the steering committee made the determination that offering the greatest possible variety of retail food options was preferable to investing in a contract-service cafeteria. Providing many retail dining spaces in the new building will offer a wide variety of food options. A grab-and-go area offers meal plan participants at least two main entrées, salads, beverages, side orders and desserts.


13. What changes have been made to students on meal plans?

All meal plan information is available through Blugold Dining.


14. Why is the new Dulany Inn smaller?

In an attempt to provide first-floor access to the Dulany Inn as well as many other services, the size of the Dulany Inn had to be reduced. The new Dulany Inn seats approximately 60 people. Reservations are strongly recommended; call 715-836-5261.


15. Where are the textbooks located?

Textbooks are located on the second level of the University Bookstore and can be accessed from the bookstore stairwell or the second floor.


16. Do Putnam and Katharine Thomas Hall residents have to eat their meals in
      Hilltop Center?

No. Students who reside in Putnam and Katharine Thomas Halls will be able to receive up to three meals from Susie’s Simply-to-Go Food Stop in Davies Center.


17. What are the food options in the new Davies Center?

Visit Blugold Dining to view the new food options.


18. Where will the Viennese Ball be held?

The Viennese Ball will be held in the new Davies Center April 12–13, 2013.


19. Are there fireplaces in the new building?

Yes, the new student center has eight fireplaces, located in the Marketplace (four),
Blugold Living Room (one), The Cabin (two), and the Alumni Room (one). These high-efficiency gas fireplaces will run as needed and are sure to bring you in from the cold. 


20. Can I reserve tables in the new Davies Center?

Yes, the table reservation guidelines are available through Event Services


21. What is the policy for posters?

The Promotional Materials policy is available online. Some individual policies are under review.


22. Will I still be able to use table tents?

In an effort to continue sustainability initiatives, table tents will no longer be used in Davies Center. Instead, students are encouraged to use the flat screens for announcements. Table tents can still be used in Hilltop Center by reserving space through Event Services.


23. Will I have access to a bank in the new student center?

Yes. In response to student requests, the University has contracted with our banking partner, U.S. Bank, to provide full banking services on campus. 


24. Are there ATMs in Davies Center?

Yes, Davies Center offers a full-service U.S. Bank ATM, as well as a fee-free ATM from Royal Credit Union.


25. Where can I find printing services?

University Printing Services is located in the basement of Schofield Hall (Room 18).
The Service Center will provide walk-up black-and-white copying services.