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Campus Timeline Display

This display panel presents the evolution of the Eau Claire campus during the 20th century through aerial photographs, archival photographs, descriptive text, and graphics that evoke the landscape. The 10-foot-long timeline panel hangs in the corridor near the entrance to the University Centers administration complex, Davies Center 240.

Timeline Panel

The arc of the timeline graphic matches the arc of the university footbridge over the river dividing the campus. The chronology highlights key years that correspond to aerial photos of the campus. Archival shots and captions convey campus history and the significant role of the University Centers in its evolution.

In creating the timeline panel during the summer of 2003, graphic designer Derek Wallen worked from images in the Special Collections and Archives area of McIntyre Library, as well as an aerial photograph commissioned for the project. As a student graphic designer in the University Centers, Wallen promoted the programs and services of the University Activities Commission of the Student Senate. He received a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design from UW-Eau Claire in 2002.

In 2005 the University Centers presented a reduced-scale copy of the campus timeline to UW-Eau Claire Chancellor Donald J. Mash, whose administration bridged to the next century, when he was named UW System Executive Senior Vice President.