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Kent State Rally Display

A photo panel commemorating the largest act of student activism on the Eau Claire campus — the Kent State Rally of May 6, 1970 — hangs in the level two corridor of Davies Center. Davies Center occupies the site where the gathering took place. In the photograph by Bill Edgar, photo editor of the student newspaper The Spectator, President Leonard Haas addresses 3,500 students at the rally that followed the killing of four students on Ohio's Kent State University campus on May 4, 1970.

Kent State Rally Display

The Kent State Rally ended with a voice vote in which the UW-Eau Claire student body chose to join a strike that comprised four million high-school and college students nationwide. On May 8, the last day of the student strike, four flowering crabapple trees were planted in memory of the four unarmed students who were shot to death by the Ohio Army National Guard during a protest of the expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia.

Those viewing the Kent State Rally panel where it was first installed in 2007 — The Dulany Inn of the original Davies Center — could also see the Kent State memorial trees through the adjacent window. The photo panel now hangs on the second level of Davies Center, near a terrace that overlooks the campus mall.

In creating the photo panel, student graphic designer and photographer Maria Nocenti worked from an image in the Special Collections and Archives area of McIntyre Library.
It is one of 45 panels she created for a display of community history in The Dulany Inn. A designer and photographer for the University Centers for four years (2004–2008), Nocenti received a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design from UW-Eau Claire in 2007.