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Student Organizations

Five LCD screens in Davies Center run a continuous feed of advertising for events sponsored by recognized UW-Eau Claire student organizations. The entire 16:9 screen is used. Graphics are to promote specific events scheduled through the Event Services office. The digital signage system is not for general image enhancement campaigns or regular meeting announcements.

16:9 graphic


    Submit a JPEG in 16:9 aspect ratio. Image resolution should be no less than
    72 ppi and no greater than 150 ppi. The name of the sponsoring organization
    must appear in the graphic. Images are on screen for only eight seconds,
    so simple designs are best.


    Submit a short video file (there is no sound) in 16:9 aspect ratio. Videos may
    not exceed 20 seconds in length. Accepted formats are .avi, .f4v, .flv, .m1v, .m2v,
    .m4v, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg, .swf and .wmv. The name of the sponsoring
    organization must appear in the graphic.

Graphics must be created specifically for the TV system. Do not send PDFs of your event poster, flyer or tabletent.

Only one graphic may be posted at a time for an event. Graphics are scheduled on a first-come first-served basis. No more than 15 graphics can be scheduled to run at any given time, so that each graphic may cycle through the system at least every two minutes. 

A graphic may be posted for no more than five consecutive days.

Submit graphics for the digital signage system at least five business days before the desired start date. When e-mailing your file, state the first date the graphic is to appear, and the last date it is to appear.


Digital signage locations for student organizations


1.    Media Wall near Green Bean, Davies Center 105
2.    At Stair 5 near The Cabin, Davies Center 270
3.    At elevators near Blugold Living Room, Davies Center 201
4.    At Stair 5 near Alumni Room, Davies Center 350
5.    Near elevators at Green Roof, Davies Center 301

The LCD display at the reception area in the Student Organizations and Leadership Center (Davies Center 220) also runs student organization event advertising, in rotation with ads for University Centers programs.

Student organization event advertising also runs on an LCD display in the Student Affairs office, Schofield Hall 240.