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Table Space in Davies Center

Student organizations may reserve table space up to five times per academic year per event. If tables are reserved for the purpose of selling items, the following apply:

1.  Sales of items promoting or implying the irresponsible use of alcohol, or implying
     discrimination regarding race, color, gender, creed, religion, age, ancestry, nationality,
     disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, political affiliation, martial or parental status,
     military veteran status, or arrest and conviction record are inappropriate and will not
     be allowed.

2.  Sales are limited to the location reserved.

3.  Organizations sponsoring a sale must provide a member at the site at all times during
     the sales. The name of the organization sponsoring the event must be visible in the
     sales area. If an organization member is not present during sales, a $50 charge will
     be assessed to the organization as a space rental fee. The organization will forfeit
     any reservations until the fee is paid.

4.  Hallway vendors are limited to one six-foot table and two chairs. Vendors are not
     allowed to bring additional tables or chairs without the consent of Event Services.

5.  Events held in University Centers facilities have priority over vendor sales. University
     Centers reserves the right to reassign the space designated for a vendor sale if the
     primary space is to be used for an event or student organization information.

6.  The maximum of hallway vendors in Davies Center is limited to one per day.

7.  Vendors are not permitted during the summer months.

8.  Vendors must sell items which are appropriate for sale on campus. All items for sale
     will be listed individually on the reservation request. Vendors shall not be allowed to
     sell items in competition with any University Centers contracted vendors, including
     Blugold Dining, the University Bookstore, and U.S. Bank. In addition, sales of tobacco,
     alcohol, or items that can be found in University Centers vending machines are not
     allowed. For more information about restricted sale items, please contact the University
     Licensing Manager.

9.  University Centers will not provide any overnight storage for vendors and is not
     responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.

10.  All load-in and load-out of sale items will be completed by the vendor and/or
       organization sponsor during normal building hours.

11.  University Centers has the right to cancel any vendor’s reservation/space if the
       guidelines are not followed.

12.  Vendors are responsible for all Federal, state, and local sales taxes.