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Learning Outcomes

The University Centers guides, challenges, directs and supports students in collaborative efforts to provide a comprehensive program of events and services for our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community. These student learning outcomes are statements that specify what students will know, be able to do, or be able to demonstrate when they have participated in a program, activity or project, or when they have completed their employment in the University Centers.

Creative and Critical Thinking


  • Student examines multiple perspectives and uses multiple sources of information, including personal experiences, to make decisions
  • Student applies previously understood information and concepts to a new situation or setting, and contributes new ideas and insights
  • Student engages in self-examination of assumptions and beliefs, and evaluates their validity as appropriate

Effective Communication


  • Student uses professional communication to articulate thoughts, ideas and information to others
  • Student writes and speaks after reflection
  • Student listens and asks questions to develop knowledge and abilities
  • Student works in a group collaboratively and cohesively in the support of others

Individual and Social Responsibility


  • Student appropriately challenges unfair, unjust or uncivil behaviors
  • Student assumes responsibility for decisions and accepts consequences, whether positive or negative
  • Student articulates personal and professional values and belief system, and acts as a role model for others
  • Student empowers others to act and strengthens their ability to do so.

Diversity Appreciation


  • Student understands, recognizes and behaves appropriately when cultural differences exist
  • Student is sensitive to diverse and varying needs of all others
  • Student strives to expand personal development through diverse experiences and interactions with those different from themselves
  • Student empowers others to seek out diverse experiences and interactions

Knowledge of Human Culture and the Natural World


  • Student values learning for learning’s sake
  • Student shows a willingness to explore the world
January 8, 2009