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Customer Service Production Delivery/Bindery

Position Summary:

This position is responsible for delivery of printed material to departments and assisting in the bindery areas of Printing Services production area.

50%A. Delivery preparation

A1. Check carts in the production area for completed orders
A2. Check orders for accuracy – printed on the correct color paper – all bindery
and finishing completed as ordered (such as cutting, padding, folding etc.)
A3. Place orders on the appropriate shelf for delivery. Pay close attention to special delivery instructions.
A4. Fill out the paperwork and box orders for delivery to departments according to assigned delivery route
A5. Deliver orders to each department office making sure to get a signature. If door is locked and no one available to sign, bring orders back to PrintingServices – make a note on the form and notify Customer Service so they can contact the customer.
A6. Deliver boxes of paper, toner and staples for copiers to offices as requested.
A7. Operate Cushman and/or delivery van as needed

45%B. Bindery

B1. Maintain a working knowledge of all bindery equipment in Printing Services
B2. Operate equipment needed to complete jobs, including folding, cutting, 3-hole drill, coil binder, comb binder, tabber, padding machine and stapler
B3. Shelve these orders appropriately when complete

5% C. Miscellaneous

C1. Clean work areas as needed
C2. Any and all duties as assigned