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Decorating for Events

Student organizations may decorate rooms in Davies Center for special events. For any such decorating, the following applies:

1.  Organizations may decorate their reserved rooms in Davies Center.  All organizations
     should clear all decorating plans with Event Services prior to decorating.
     a.  Organizations may not use nails, push pins, tacks, or staples
     b.  Organizations must use either masking or painter tape to hang things
     c.  Decorations must be done on the day of the event
     d.  No decorations can be attached or hung from the chandeliers or light fixtures
     e.  Candles are allowed — they must be dripless or have a drip cup under them
     f.   Organizations may temporarily tape paper over the door windows for initiations
          or private ceremonies, but doors may not be locked or blocked (this is a safety issue)
     g.  Windows cannot be painted

2.  If candle wax is spilled, confetti is used and not cleaned up, or garbage is left, the
     organization will be charged for a minimum of one hour of labor to clean it up The
     clean-up charge will always be the current labor cost for the year and all charges
     will be for a minimum of one hour.

3.  There is no charge for a sign standard for an organization’s event, but there will be
     a charge if the Event Services staff places the standards for the organization.