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Staff  ::  Marketing + Communications

Kathy Binder

Kathy Binder

Communications Manager
Davies Center 250K
phone 715-836-5234

Sara Brunner_web

Sara Brunner

Communications Specialist
Davies Center 250G
phone 715-836-3928

Amanda Obenhoffer_web

Amanda Obenhoffer

Graphic Designer + Photographer
Davies Center 240L
phone 715-836-2954

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Marketing and Communications manages all public information and promotion for the University Centers. The area is engaged with these high-impact programs and services:

  • Facilities including the new Davies Center, and non-academic use of facilities campuswide through the Event Services office. Promote sustainability and responsible use of resources.
  • Cultural programs that link the campus and community, including The Forum (lecture series established 1942), the International Film Society (film program established 1956), Artists Series (performing arts series established 1966), The Cabin (coffeehouse program established 1968) and the annual Viennese Ball (established 1974). These programs are identified with UW-Eau Claire on a regional and national level, and help us understand diverse people and cultures, and the world around us.
  • Involvement activities through student organizations, particularly the University Activities Commission of the Student Senate, and the services and programs of the Student Organizations and Leadership Center that is home to more than 250 student organizations and the student government.
  • Recognition and leadership programs including the University Student Excellence Awards.
  • Services integral to campus life, including the official UW-Eau Claire ID card, meal plan and undergraduate textbook rental program.

These services are provided in-house to all University Centers areas, as well as the University Activities Commission of the Student Senate:


  • Write all press releases for distribution through the University News Bureau.
  • Write and maintain all information for the complex network of University Centers websites (Activities, Involvement and Leadership, Blugold Card Services, University Bookstore, Blugold Dining, Event Services, Printing Services, Service Center, University Centers).
  • Write and edit copy for major campus publications (i.e., University Catalogue, Orientation).
  • Maintain the University Centers' and UW-Eau Claire's editorial standards.


  • Design and produce high-quality print, electronic and online materials that clearly communicate with the unit’s various audiences.
  • Maintain the University Centers’ and UW-Eau Claire’s visual image and graphic standards.


  • Administer the Davies Center digital signage system, comprising meeting room schedule displays, the media wall, and widescreen displays that promote events by student organizations, academic departments and administrative offices.
  • Support special events by external clients who contract Davies Center facilities through Event Services.


  • Create original photography for programs, services and facilities for print and electronic publications and the University Centers network of websites.


  • Create bid and printing specifications for all publications printed off campus.
  • Prepare files for printing; work with off-campus print buyer and printers.


  • Schedule and place all paid advertising (newspaper, magazine, etc.) and process payment.


  • Provide educational employment opportunities and academic internships (up to six credits) to students preparing for careers in visual communication and graphic design.