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Administrative Committees

Students participate in the governance of the institution through committees advisory to the Chancellor through the Provost and Vice Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Administrative committees are established by the chancellor; ad hoc committees may be appointed at any time for specific purposes.

Membership on administrative committees consists of administrators, faculty/academic staff and students. Where appropriate, classified personnel or citizen members of the community are invited to serve. The number and ratio of members vary from committee to committee. There is a plurality of voting student members of the following committees: University Artists Series Committee, Athletic Committee, Children’s Center Committee, Forum Committee, University Health Committee, International Film Committee, Parking Appeals Board, Recreation Committee, Viennese Ball Committee, and any building committee for construction using student funds.

Eligible student members on administrative committees are recommended by the president of the Student Senate and confirmed by the Student Senate. Students serve annual academic year terms. More information is available at the Student Senate office, Davies Center 220.

These administrative committees are organized within the University Centers.

University Artists Series Committee

Recommends policies for the operation of the Artists Series, including student attendance; participates in the selection of artists for the Artists Series. Membership includes six students.

Blugold Dining Committee

Provides university administrators and dining services management with feedback and ideas regarding the overall dining services program. A student chairs the committee. Membership includes one student from each residence hall; one representative from United Hall Council; one member of the Student Life Commission.

Forum Committee

Recommends policies for the operation of The Forum series, including student attendance; participates in the selection of topics and speakers for Forum programs. Membership includes six students.

Instructional Resource Rental Committee

Recommends policies concerning book and other instructional resource rental services that support the curriculum and academic programs and assure the integrity of the rental service. Monitors the practices and procedures of the rental service and the requests of instructional staff to ensure support of the curriculum and academic programs. Membership includes five students.

International Film Committee

Recommends policies for the operation of the international film program; selects films for the program. Membership includes eight students.

University Centers Committee

Recommends policy formulation and review concerning the operations, usage, programming and services of the University Centers. Membership includes nine students: the president and vice president of the student body; the directors of the Finance, Student Life and Diversity, Student Services, Organizations and University Activities Commissions; one residence hall representative; and one student member of the Blugold Dining Committee.

Viennese Ball Committee

Recommends policies for the production of the annual Viennese Ball, including student attendance; actively participates in the planning and production of the annual Viennese Ball; assists in recruiting campus and community volunteers to participate in production activities; recommends uses of net revenues and donations for awards and scholarships. Membership includes eight students.