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Alcoholic Beverages, Guidelines for Service of

>  This policy is as stated in the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

    General Policies Book on the website of Institutional Research.


The use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on university property, with certain exceptions detailed herein and in university housing policy.

Alcohol may be served at catered events in authorized areas subject to the guidelines below. Authorized areas include Davies Center, Hilltop Center, and other areas as authorized by the Chancellor.


A.  The administration of this policy is the responsibility of the Director of The
     University Centers (or her/his designee) with serving arrangements determined by
     the food service, the sponsoring group, and the Director of The University Centers.

B.  Alcoholic beverages may be sold and consumed only within authorized areas
     and may not be carried out of those areas. A non-alcoholic beverage alternative (s)
     must always be provided.

D.  Alcoholic beverages will be served only at such times and under such conditions
     which may be consistent with local, state and federal regulations governing
     such service.

E.  Alcoholic beverage service may be provided at scheduled receptions and dinners
     and for other food service events as may be deemed appropriate. Beverage service
     will end 30 minutes prior to the scheduled end of an event.

F.  Alcoholic beverage service will be provided only in areas that have appropriate and
     adequate facilities for such service and where the control of persons to be served is

G.  When service of alcohol is desired, an alcohol-free alternative must also be provided.

H.  Alcoholic beverages will be served exclusively by the University food service and
     it shall be the responsibility of the food service to make proper identification of
     persons eligible to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages, including proof of age.

I.  Sponsoring groups must be familiar with the catering guidelines and accept the
     responsibility for assisting in proper identification, restricting consumption to
     authorized areas, and accepting financial responsibility for any theft or vandalism
     associated with the event

J.  Individual and/or the sponsoring groups will be expected to maintain responsible
     standards concerning their use of alcoholic beverages. Immoderate use leading to
     offensive behavior or disorderly conduct will result in the dismissal of service to that
     individual or the sponsoring group. Further disciplinary action may be taken
     if necessary.

K.  Alcohol Authorization Forms are available in the Event Services Office of the Davies
     Center and must be completed 10 working days prior to an event requesting to serve

UWS Regents’ Res. 682, 3 8 74 (adopted from UW 1.07 (8) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code for Chapter 36).  As revised by UWS Regents’ Res. 801, 7-12-74.

Faculty Senate, 1-22-74, approved by Chancellor, 3-11-74.
Reviewed and updated by Chancellor 4-30-09