pre-1960s Class notes

New class notes are posted as time allows.

Jeanette (Lacktorin) Parizino (BS-E) proudly reports via her granddaughter Katie (Kling) Campbell '01 that she is now 98, still lives on her own and remembers her college days quite vividly. Jeanette, who grew up on a farm in Glenwood City, was determined to leave the farm, go away to college and become a teacher — which is exactly what she did. After working for many years as a teacher, Jeanette saved up enough money to buy electricity for the first time, for her parents' home. When Katie attended UW-Eau Claire, Jeanette came to visit her often and the two would drive around campus together. Katie says, "When Grandma attended, the only building around was Schofield Hall. She would comment that all her old professors now have buildings named after them!"

Lois (Fasbender) Clifton (CV), who lived in UW-Eau Claire's Memorial Hall from 1951-53, would enjoy corresponding with friends from that era. Those interested in contacting Lois may call the UW-Eau Claire Alumni Association at 715-836-3266. She lives in Dover, Dela.