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Heather (Drew) Kretz '01 and Casey Kretz '99

Heather and Casey at UW-Eau ClaireWhere and how did you meet? We met at a friend’s birthday party on Grand Avenue.  It was a joining of the friends from Murray (Casey) and Bridgman (Heather) halls!

Was it a “love connection” at first? Who made the first move? We agree there was an immediate connection from the beginning, but who initiated it is something you’ll still hear us debate. ;)

Heather and Casey's wedding photo


Is there a place on campus that is special for the two of you? 
We fondly remember Professor Wil Denson’s Theatre 227 class, "American Musical Comedy as Theatre ," as it led to our first date to see "My Fair Lady" at the State Theatre downtown.

What is your fondest memory as a couple that connects you to UW-Eau Claire?

  • I always enjoyed the days when Casey, a business student, had to wear a suit to campus! ;)

  • The planetarium shows in Phillips are entirely underestimated as a great date idea. It worked for Casey!

  • We enjoyed our regular Wednesday lunch dates with friends in the Blugold Room in Davies (where Heather learned to never steal a man’s fries).

  • The beautiful Chippewa river and trails have always been a backdrop for our favorite memories – whether it was walking and talking, playing tennis in Owen Park, or Rollerblading.

How long have you been married? We’ve been married for 3.5 years and are happy to be back in Eau Claire and a part of this great campus and community!

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