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Ben Buss '00 and Angie (Blau) Buss '01

Ben and Angie Buss and daughterWe met through our friends and both lived in Towers North. Our love connection started after a semester of knowing each other as friends, but I do remember keeping an eye on him on the football field during that first semester!

When we had our first official date, I thought we were going out to eat at a restaurant but instead he surprised me by converting his dorm room into a Japanese-looking restaurant complete with a low table and pillows to sit on. He had really been paying attention in a previous conversation when I said I had always wanted to go to a restaurant like that! Years later he told me that he didn't do too well on an accounting exam the day of our date because he was in a hurry to finish the exam so he could get his room ready.

Ben and Angie stealing a kiss on upper campusWe dated throughout our time at UW-Eau Claire and have so many fond memories there, knowing that's where we started. We were married Aug. 16, 2003, in Madison, Wis., and now live in the Madison area. We just had our first baby, Brianna Lynn, five months ago.

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