Homecoming 2008 Parade photos

UW-Eau Claire photos by Rick Mickelson and Bill Hoepner

Flags in parade

Hillary Rugroden, left, and Nicole Margelofsky marched with the Blugold Marching Band in the parade.

car in parade

Center, Matt Germonprez, assistant professor of information systems, was grand marshal of the university's Homecoming parade. Germonprez and his children rode in a car driven by Lloyd Joyal, UW-Eau Claire professor emeritus of education.

throwing football

Linda Spaeth, right, a 1972 UW-Eau Claire alumna and Alumni Association board member, and John Bachmeier, alumni director, tossed footballs to the parade spectators.

parade walkers

Shelley (Kadlec) Ekblad, left, a 1986 UW-Eau Claire alumna and Alumni Association board member, her daughter, center, and a friend marched in the parade.

girl with lollipop

Dana Studee, a member of the Blugold Marching Band, enjoyed a treat after the parade.

parade viewers

Blugold alumni spectators line the parade route.

Homecoming King and Queen

Homecoming King Ben John and Queen Amy Becht waved to parade spectators.

girl catching football

Parade spectators tried to catch a football thrown by parade participants.

Mark Gilbertson '89

Mark Gilbertson '89 was among the alumni spectators.

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