May 2010 Alumni awards photos

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Spring 2010 Alumni Award Winners
Posing with Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich, far right, the May
2010 recipients of the UW-Eau ClaireClaire Alumni Association
awards were, from left, Bruce Hering '80, President's Award;
Kevin Steiner '82, President's Award; Roberta Schmidt '76,
Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award; Justin Vernon '04,
Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award; Evelyn Zabo, Honorary
Alumnus Award; Randy Oostra '85, Alumni Distinguished
Achievement Award.

Roberta Schmidt and family
Roberta Schmidt '76, center, shares her award with her family.

Randy Oostra
Randy Oostra '85 makes an acceptance speech
as he received his alumni award.

Evelyn Zabo and family
Evelyn Zabo, shares her award with her family and John
Bachmeier, alumni relations director, far left.

Randy Oostra and wife
Randy Oostra '85 and his wife, Barbara, share a moment at the
awards ceremony.

Justin Vernon and Bruce Hering alumni award recipients
President's Award recipient, Bruce Hering'80,
left, poses with former student and Outstanding
Recent Alumnus award receipient Justin
Vernon '04

Kevin Steiner and Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich
Kevin Steiner '82, right, celebrates his award with
Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich.

Bruce Hering and family
Bruce Hering '80, five from left, celebrates with his family and friends after the awards luncheon.

Roberta Schmide, Chancellor Brian levin-stankevich, John Bachmeirer
Roberta Schmidt '76, second from left, shows
her award to Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich,
John Bachmeier, alumni relations director, and, left,
Katy Kiley, alumni board president.

Justin Vernon at podium
Justin Vernon '04. speaking after
accepting his alumni award.

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