December 2009 Alumni awards photos

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December 2009 alumni award winners with Chancellor

Posing with Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich the December 2009 recipients of the UW-Eau ClaireClaire Alumni Association awards were, from left, Stacey Hanke '93 Outstanding Recent Alumna Award; Barbara Lee '85 President's Award; Frederick Halfen '74, Lifetime Excellence Award; Michael Stone '84, Distinguished Achievement Award; The Rev. George Szews, Honorary Alumnus Award; Charles Howe '93, Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award; Patricia Binder '73, Presidents Award.

Stacey Hanke, Outstanding Alumnus Award winner and family
Stacey Hanke '93, far left, and family.

Michael Stone, Lifetime Achievement Award winner, with Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich
Michael Stone '84, third from left, shares his award
with his family and friends.

Stacey Hanke
Dr. Sally Webb, professor emerita, Communications & Journalism, Christine Fulcher '94, Stacey Hanke '93, Jessica Buck '93, Dr. Judy Sims, professor of Communication & Journalism

Barbara Lee, presidents award winner, and family
Barbara Lee '85, left, stands with Chancellor
Brian Levin-Stankevich and John Bachmeier '81,
alumni relations director.

Charles Howe and family
Charles Howe '93, third from left, with his family

The Rev. George Szews, honorary alumnus award winner, and family
The Rev. George Szews, seated left, and his
familyand friends gather after the awards luncheon

Pat Binder
Pat Binder'73, far right and family.

Frederick Halfen, Lifetime Achievement award winner, with Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankeich
Frederick Halfen '74. left, poses with
Brian Levin-Stankevich

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