2012 Gatherings UW-Eau Claire alumni at Mardi Gras Grill, Houston, TX, Feb. 9, 2012

left to right: Anne Clark '06, Dana Quinlan '83, Cindy Wisemiller '84 and Mary Mahon '81

Joe Pichotta
left to right: Allison Obr '07, Kathy Mason '78, Kelsey Cooper '10, Liz Reinke '10 and Joe Pichotta '09

Liz Reinke
Liz Reinke '10, Andrea Perrard and Sarah Lom '03

Mary Smith
Kathy Marson '78, Mary Smith '70, and Cynthia Simonson '66

Anne Clark
Anne Clark '06 and Dana Quinlan '83

Alison Obr '07 and Kelsey Cooper '10r

Mark Lerohl '86, Cindy Wisemiller '84 and Mary Mahon '81

Ken Smith
Todd Running '90 and Ken Smith'74r

Todd Running
Todd Running '90 and Ron Weegman'81


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