Blugold Babies

Addie Muckerheide
Claire Marie Kosmalski, born January 4, 2012 to Erin (Hanna) Kosmalski '02 and Michael Kosmalski '03 and joined by big brother Collin (3). Already a blugold fan!


These kids are SO adorable, if we do say so ourselves! If you’d like to post a photo of your child(ren), age 2 or younger, in our Blugold Babies gallery, please e-mail it as a .jpg or .pict file, along with the child(ren)'s name(s) and date(s) of birth and parents' names and class years, to (Helpful hint: Blugold attire is not mandatory, but it sure makes for a cute photo!)

Your child(ren)'s photo will be posted for approximately six months.

NOTE: UW-Eau Claire WILL NOT publish copyrighted baby photos (such as those taken by professional photography studios) unless the alumnus submitting the photo forwards us permission from the copyright holder (photographer) for our use of the photo on UW-Eau Claire's Blugold Babies Web page.

Caitlin Hanna Kosmalski, born February 13, 1013 to Erin (Hanna) Kosmalski '02 and Michael Kosmalski '03, and welcomed home by big brother Collin (5) and big sister Claire (2).

Julia Johnson
Julia Carol Johnson, born Sept. 11, 2013, daugher of Paul Johnson '08 and Allison (Bulger) Johnson '07

Gavin Degel
Gavin Robert Anthony Degel, born June 13, 2013, son of Jennifer (Mackley) Degel '99 and Tony Degel

Marin Countryman
Marin Rose Countryman, born Feb. 8 2013, daughter of Amy (Binstock) Countryman '00 and Josh Countryman '01 and baby sister to William (7) and Andrew (3).

Ceclia Rae Crist
Cecilia Rae Crist Rosen, born May 18, 2012, daughter of Jennifer Crist '99 and Paul Rosen '02 and puppy, Baylor.


Callie Dillinger
Callie Jill Dillinger, born, May 4, 2012, daughter of Keith '02 and Nicole Dillinger

Phoebe Rae French, born Nov. 12, 2012, daughter of Ray ’08 and Sarah (Chiodo) ’07, ’09, French

Alice Carriveau
Alice Esme Carriveau, born Aug. 23, 2011, daughter of Megan (Carls) Carriveau ’01 and Jeff Carriveau, welcomed home by big brother Abraham and big sister Amelia.

Alyssa Ruhsam
Alyssa June Ruhsam, born September 2, 2013, sister to Caleb Ruhsam, daughter of Craig Ruhsam '01 and Emily (Dettman) Ruhsam '01

Jacob Bumgarner
Jacob David Bumgarner, born October 1, 2011, son of Sarah '12 (Wagner) and Adam Bumgarner '09

Giselle Gordon
Giselle Esser Gordon born March 7, 2013, daughter of Joan (Grady) Gordon ’04 and Brent Gordon.

Annika Strang
Annika Pauleen Strang, born Feb. 25, 2013, daughter of Marie (Lowe) Strang ’99 and Eric Strang.  Annika was welcomed home by sister, Emily (15) and brother, Braeden (2)


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