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Political Science 

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Are you interested in political issues, such as healthcare, justice, security, peace, minority rights, privacy or the environment internationally or domestically? If you want to explore these issues and prepare for a lifetime of civic engagement, then political science may be the major for you!

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Political science includes the study of individual and group political behavior, governing institutions and public policy. It uses a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to study issues at the local, national and global levels. Few aspects of life are unaffected by politics; therefore, political science is an effective means for a broad preparation for life.

Experience off campus and across continents

An advanced internship program offers numerous opportunities for on-the-job experience in an executive or legislative office, a nongovernmental agency, an Eau Claire city or county office, a political campaign for President, Congress, city council, or with interest groups — while earning up to six credits. Students can also  

participate in an active, on-campus Model United Nations Club, or study abroad while earning credits toward their major or minor in one of the 13 countries to pick from.


Faculty-student collaborative research work in political science has recently explored such topics as the Muslim Americans Public Opinion after 9/11, and the Impact of Late Night Comedy on Public Opinion. The strong education and valuable out of classroom experience have produced four Fulbright award winners from the Political Science department.

Innovative classes

The University is a member of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, which gives the department access to a range of survey and census data. Students in public opinion and voting classes gain valuable experience as they analyze some of this data in computer labs. We offer the advantage of small classes and personal attention where one-on-one discussions are vital to learning.

PoliSci student


Political Science, Liberal Arts
Political Science, Teaching

Comprehensive majors*

Require no minor

• Legal Studies
• World Politics
*Students interested in pre-law should consider the legal studies track while students concerned with foreign cultures and world politics should opt for the world studies track.

Pre-Law Program

(see separate Fact Sheet)


Political Science, Liberal Arts
Political Science, Teaching


Suggested freshman curriculum

• American National Politics
• University writing
  on placement exam.
  For test-out options, see
• Intro to World Politics
• Natural science general
  education course

• Physical education/

• Social science general
  education elective
• Math competency
• Humanities general
  education course
• Communications
  general education
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Did you know?

We send a high percentage of our graduates to law school and graduate programs. Many graduates earn law degrees at UW-Madison, the University of Minnesota, Harvard, Yale and other prestigious universities.

Our graduates

Typical positions held by political science graduates include political lobbyist, legislative aide, public sector administrator, campaign manager/consultant, and secondary teacher or college professor.
More career information

Places you’ll find recent graduates:

• Analyst, U.S. Government
  Accountability Office,
  Washington, D.C.
• Attorney, Thomas M. Canan,
  Attorney at Law,
  Minneapolis, MN
• Account Executive, Edelman
  Public Relations Worldwide,
  Washington D.C.
• Senior Counsel,
  Target Corporation,
  Minneapolis, MN
• Regional Director, Girl
  Scouts of the Northwestern
  Great Lakes

Department contact information

Geoffrey D. Peterson

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