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Are you looking for the degree that will give you highly marketable skills that are sought after by graduate schools and businesses? A degree that is an excellent foundation and a requirement for all areas of science and engineering? A degree in mathematics may be right for you!

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Problems from the ordinary to the sophisticated and technical can be solved with mathematics.  Mathematics is the language that expresses scientific and quantitative relationships and, at the same time, is a discipline with a structure and beauty of its own.

Uniquely UWEC

The UW-Eau Claire department of Mathematics has a nationally recognized Actuarial program directed by Fellows in the Society of Actuaries. Our liberal arts students are well-prepared for business or advanced studies and our teaching majors are aggressively recruited and employed by schools across the nation.


Student-faculty research

Each year scores of mathematics majors conduct collaborative research with department faculty in a wide variety of topics in both pure and applied mathematics and statistics: analysis of music, statistical analysis of geysers, mathematical biology (fluid dynamics of blood flow, modeling fish populations), optimization (emergency transportation models), mathematical physics (deformation algebras, symmetry in quantum mechanics, black holes), ethno-mathematics (Mayan number systems) as well as research in mathematics education.

Polished and published

UW-Eau Claire mathematics majors have made dozens of presentations at regional, national and international professional conferences, and several students have won awards for their presentations. In the past five years, UW-Eau Claire mathematics majors have co-authored 18 research articles in peer-reviewed professional journals.

Technical resources

Mathematics students have access to technically-equipped classrooms, comfortable collaborative student seminar rooms and computer laboratories. Students can utilize an extensive set of library resources as well as specialized software tools such as Maple, Geometer’s Sketchpad, Minitab and Matlab.

Your future

The liberal arts and teaching majors provide strong backgrounds for graduate study and opportunities to pursue interests in special areas. The mathematics liberal arts major, with its four emphases, can lead to a variety of careers in business, industry and other areas.

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• Math, Liberal Arts
• Math, Liberal Arts,
  Applied Emphasis
• Math, Liberal Arts,
  Statistics Emphasis
• Math, Teaching
  (grades 6-12)
• Math/Physics,
  Teaching (grades 6-12)*
• Math/Actuarial Science:*
*comprehensive major, requires no minor


Math, Liberal Arts
Math, Actuarial Science
Math, Elementary Teaching

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Our graduates

Typical positions held by mathematics graduates include work in research and development, management, 

operations research, quality improvement, teaching mathematics at a secondary school, technical school, college or university, or continue your education through graduate studies in applied mathematics, statistics, theoretical mathematics or mathematics education.
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Places you’ll find recent graduates:

• Biostatistician,
  Mayo Clinic,
  Rochester, MN
• Professor of Mathematics,
  Texas A&M University,
  College Station, TX

Department contact information

Alexander Smith

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Advanced placement

Have you already studied college-level calculus or statistics, either in high school or through another university? You may receive college credit for your hard work under one of the following procedures:
• Send your Advanced Placement Exam scores, test papers and reports (administered by the Educational Testing Service) to the academic testing office.
• You may “test out” via the College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
• College level mathematics credits taken at an accredited university or through a university/high school cooperative program are recognized by UW-Eau Claire.
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