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Health Care Administration 

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Are you a leader? Today is a time of change and challenge in health care, and new leaders are needed to guide development of innovative methods that provide the highest quality health services at affordable costs. You can make a positive difference in the lives of others by joining efficient management practices with a dedication to service.

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The Health Care Administration (HCAD) program is focused on long-term senior care (management of nursing homes, senior assisted living facilities, etc.) as opposed to hospital or clinic administration. The faculty in this program are dedicated to helping you become a leader in the health care field.

Outstanding outlook

The demand for health administrators is predicted to grow faster than other careers in coming decades. The salary and benefits for a baccalaureate education are excellent, as is the opportunity for leadership within the profession and in public policy circles. The HCAD program also provides a firm foundation for lifelong career development.


Ours is the only long-term care administration program that includes a 50-week practicum where students work in a health care setting while completing coursework online.  

The HCAD program also offers opportunities for research with faculty, participation in our student organization and community service events, and networking with professionals in the field who serve on our program advisory board.

Encouraging empathy

HCAD majors take a course in which they live as residents for a day at a senior health care facility. The goal is to gain understanding and empathy for the life transition.

And the award goes to:

The UW-Eau Claire health care administration program has more than 30 years of success in preparing health care administrators and is the premier program in the Midwest. The program is one of only nine in the country accredited by the National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards.

healthcare-admin student

health care administration student


Health Care Administration (comprehensive major; requires no minor)

Suggested freshman curriculum

• Health care
- University writing
  on placement exam.
  For test out options, see
• General psychology
• Principles of
• Humanities general
• Principles of
• Principles of accounting I
• Human nutrition
• Fundamentals of speech
• Information systems in
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The coursework is in four areas:

• Administration, Including accounting, finance, management principles and personnel management.

• Health care, including an introduction to health care administration, overview of U.S. health care, health economics, medical terminology, and advanced coursework focusing on leadership and management, delivery systems and programs in health and aging services.

• A health care practicum component that  explores all practical aspects of health care administration designed for a 12-month practicum.
The UW-Eau Claire Health Care Administration program is part of the department of management and marketing in the College of Business. Students must meet College of Business admission. Beyond that, a 2.75 minimum GPA is required for admission to the HCAD major. The HCAD program has limited enrollment, and admission is competitive.

• General requirements and other additional course work, including English, biology and chemistry, human nutrition, ethics, statistics and other foundation courses.

Our graduates

Our health care administration graduates became administrators at hospitals or skilled care nursing facilities,  sub-acute care facilities or rehabilitation centers, assisted living centers or senior housing programs, Alzheimer’s care facilities, hospice programs, and home health care programs. Other positions include departmental supervisor at a hospital nursing home, clinic human resources director or business office manager of a health care organization, consultant to health care facilities, and manager/director of an adult day care or senior center.
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Places you'll find recent graduates:

• Clinical Trainer, American
  Data, Sauk City, WI
• Nursing Home Administrator,
  Park Health & Rehab,
  St. Louis Park, MN
• Business Office Manager,
  Beverly Healthcare,
  St. Francis, WI
• Residence Director, Alterra,
  Eden Prairie, MN

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Dr. Jennifer Johs-Artisensi

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