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Computer Science 

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Do you love computers? Have you ever wanted to develop and/or modify computer systems software and hardware? Would you love to work with computer operating systems and utilities? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, seven of the 10 fastest growing occupations over the next 10 years will be in the information technology field.

Two distinct majors

The Computer Science department keeps up with current technology trends by constantly evaluating and updating the curriculum, such as adding application development courses. Two distinct majors are currently offered.
Computer Science — Comprehensive major: a comprehensive major with coursework in software engineering and database systems, computer hardware and operating systems, and computer networks.
Computer Science — Software Engineering: a standard major with a focus on software design and development intended for students who wish to become professional software engineers.

Great facilities

The Computer Science department maintains four state-of-the-art computer labs uniquely designed and unlike any others in the region. The Karlgaard Laptop Lab provides a quiet, comfortable study and workspace, reserved for computer science students only. The Teaching Lab has 28 stations and laptop stations with equipment updated every two years to ensure students work with the most recent technology. The Software Design Lab offers computing technologies for developing and implementing group software design projects. The Cray Computer Engineering Lab contains equipment used to investigate computer hardware issues and build systems, integrating hardware and software.

Outstanding faculty

Our faculty members have expertise in databases, operating systems, software engineering and web development. Faculty 

have expertise in areas such as computer graphics, vision, robotics, computer architecture, computer security, distributed systems, networking, theory of computation, artificial intelligence and computational science. Excellent teachers design coursework and assignments that challenge and engage students.

High placement rates

UW-Eau Claire’s CS program is applied and leads to high placement rates. With a good GPA and the experiences provided through the program, placement rates are near 100 percent. The department also boasts high placement rates in well-paid internships and full-time careers in local and regional Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.  

And the award goes to:

The department has received two grants from the National Science Foundation in the last six years in recognition of its innovative curriculum. The department has also been nominated three times for the  UW System Outstanding Teaching Department. The department also received a $5 million gift from David and Marilyn Karlgaard to support financial incentives to outstanding faculty, scholarships for students and technology updates.


computer science student and faculty work on robotics


Computer Science-comprehensive degree*
Computer Science-Software Engineering
*comprehensive major, requires no minor.


• Computer Science

• Computational Science
• Web Design and

Suggested freshman curriculum

• Big Picture in Computer
• Fundamentals of Object
  Oriented Programming**
• Calculus I
• Freshman Experience
• General electives

+ The Big Picture in Computer Science (CS 146) course is an introduction to

computer science. Students examine the various sub-fields that make up computer science, learn computational thinking skills and gain practice with practical techniques for being successful in the study of computer science. Students begin developing a resume and investigating resources for success in the job market or graduate school after their undergraduate careers. Students examine societal and ethical issues in the world of computing. Students also gain experience with data modeling and database querying as practical work related to these areas.


Special admission requirements

All undergraduate computer science majors should have a strong mathematics background. Students are required to show a college algebra competency before taking freshman coursework.

** An introduction to computer programming. Students use an object-oriented approach with Java as its programming language. Java is a language developed for use on the Internet and provides interesting features such as graphics and connections to Internet sites.
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Our graduates

Typical positions held by computer science graduates include work as a software engineer, computer engineer, programmer/analyst, systems programmer, engineering software support personnel, computer system engineer or Internet software developer. 
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Places you’ll find recent graduates:

• Software Engineer, Liberty
  Mutual, Wausau, WI
• Software Engineer, 3M,
  St. Paul, MN
• Software Developer, IBM,
  Rochester, MN
• Systems Analyst, Lockheed
  Martin, Aurora, CO

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