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Chemistry with Business Emphasis 

at UW-EauClaire

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Looking for a career that is expanding and exciting? In today’s society, the increasing interplay between technology and the economy is the keystone for the growth of many businesses and industries. UW-Eau Claire’s chemistry with business emphasis major combines studies in those two key areas.

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The combination of technical and business expertise is especially attractive to industrial employers. Our graduates will work on headline issues such as the comparison between traditional and alternative fuels, production and costs of pharmaceuticals, and the environmentally appropriate treatment of hazardous waste.

Great preparation

The UW-Eau Claire chemistry with business emphasis program will prepare you for non-laboratory careers in the chemical industry including product development, business development, sales, marketing research, technical service and manufacturing. It’s a good preparation for graduate studies in business or for careers in expanding industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, nanotechnology, electronic materials, petrochemicals, polymers, pollution control, and the production of bio-based fuels and materials. The logic and analytical skills developed in chemistry will enhance your ability to find solutions in any field.

Expanding knowledge

Through seminars and internships, upper-division students interact with, and gain valuable and current career experience from people working in the chemical industry and chemical business.

Outstanding faculty

The chemistry department has a long tradition of productive collaborative research between undergraduate students and faculty, culminating in published papers in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at regional, national and international meetings. The department has state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation and all faculty have doctoral degrees.

Other majors offered

In addition to the Chemistry with Business Emphasis major, the UW-Eau Claire chemistry department offers other majors with emphases in materials science, biochemistry, and research. Some of these majors are also certified by the American Chemical Society’s Committee on Professional Training. In addition, in cooperation with the Biology department, we offer a major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. These varied options allow our students to prepare for entry into all fields of physical and life sciences.

Chem Business student

chem Business student


Chemistry with a Business Emphasis, comprehensive

Course work

Chemistry courses are sequential. Upper-division courses have chemistry, math and physics prerequisites that must be satisfied during the first two years.

Suggested freshman curriculum  

• Chemical Principles
• Short Course in Calculus
  or Calculus & Analytic
• Principles of
• Quantitative Analysis
• University writing
  on placement exam.
  For test out options, see
  Blugold Seminar/test-out.
• Principles of
• General electives
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Our graduates

Typical positions held by chemistry with business emphasis graduates include technical service engineer, pharmaceutical sales representative, quality control and quality assurance specialists, purchasing agent, business development specialist, marketing specialist, product manager, distribution

and transportation manager, regulatory specialist (EPA, FDA, OSHA), laboratory manager, and business owner.
More career information

Places you’ll find recent graduates:

• Purchasing Manager, EMCO
  Chemical Distributors,
  North Chicago, IL
• Sales, Stepan Company,
  Chicago, IL
• Quality Assurance, Nestle,
  Eau Claire, WI
• Purchaser, 3D
  Minneapolis, MN
• Quality Assurance Auditor,
  Covance, Madison, WI
• Buyer, Emerson Process
  Management, Roseville, MN
• Customer Service Brenntag
  Great Lakes, Milwaukee, WI
• Sales, Hydrite Chemical,
  Milwaukee, WI
• Ingredient Manager,
  Nestle Nutrition,
  Eau Claire, WI

Department contact information

Patricia Benson

Program readiness

Chemical Principles (Chem 115) requires superior preparation in high school chemistry. Successful students have often taken AP chemistry, and/or earned strong grades in high school chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Students who do not have sufficient high school chemistry preparation or who place into a lower level math course should take General Chemistry (Chem 103 and Chem 104) first.
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