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From earliest times, human beings have given meaning to life through artistic expressions. In our contemporary world, visual awareness and the communication of visual ideas have become increasingly significant.

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The art & design program responds to the needs of a visually oriented world through instruction in studio art, art history, art education and the exhibition of art. Students will integrate and analyze knowledge to creatively communicate ideas, emotions and social conditions. You will develop visual problem-solving skills and utilize technical equipment from hand tools to computers and lathes to video equipment. In addition, you will gain organizational and communication skills to help you present your art work.

Experiential learning

The department of art & design sponsors annual faculty-led field trips to the Twin Cities, Chicago and New York. These trips offer students an opportunity to visit some of the nation’s finest museums and private galleries. International field study to all European cultural centers and Japan are also available.

Practice makes perfect

Students have access to equipment in all studio areas. There are three computer labs with up-to-date hardware and software to work with print media, Web/electronic design, digital photography, video and animation.

Art students design city bus

Experts come to you

In the past decade, students have had the opportunity to meet and listen to many internationally recognized artists. These artists often display their work and allow students to see their latest and finest paintings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, prints, drawings, design and fiber art.


Art student Kassey

student painting


Art, Liberal Arts (36 credits)
Art History (36 credits)

Comprehensive majors

Art, Comprehensive Teaching (62 credits)
Art, Liberal Arts (Bachelor of Fine Arts-75 credits)

Areas of emphasis for  comprehensive majors

• Ceramics
• Drawing & Painting
• Graphic design
• Illustration
• Photography
• Printmaking
• Sculpture


Studio Art
Art History

Suggested freshman curriculum

General electives
Foundation art courses:
• Drawing and
• Color and Composition
• 3-D
• Art of the 20th Century
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Special admission requirements

Students must be prepared to pay for any materials, supplies and/or services in excess of the amount and kind provided by course lab fees.

A portfolio is required for graduation in the BFA program and will be requested by course instructors as well to help advise students in their studies.

Our graduates

Graduates of the art & design majors work in graphic and electronic design, teach art in public or private schools or become self-employed artists. They also are museum curators, art conservationists, gallery dealers, photographers and magazine or book illustrators. The possibilities are endless!
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Places you’ll find recent graduates:

• Art Director, Target
  Corporate Headquarters,
  Minneapolis, MN
• Graphic Designer, Meyers
  Printing Company,
  Minneapolis, MN
• Core Member, AmeriCorps,
  Charleston, SC
• Senior Art Director,
  Ultra Creative Inc.,
  Minneapolis, MN
• Gallery Assistant,
  Margo Leavin Gallery,
  Los Angeles, CA

Department contact information

Megan Clark

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