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Transfer Student Admission Process
and Guidelines

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Application ProcessApply Now

If you are planning to transfer to UW-Eau Claire to pursue a degree, you must submit the following information:

  1. Application
    You can apply online at
  2. $44.00 application fee
    You are exempt from this fee if the last school you attended was a UW College (2-year campus).
  3. Official high school transcript – required for ALL transfer students
  4. ACT/SAT scores – required for students who have less than 30 transferable credits. You are exempt from this requirement if you are 22 or older.
  5. Official transcripts from each college or university you have attended.

This information should be sent to:
UW-Eau Claire
Office of Admission
PO Box 4004
Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004

We will begin to accept applications for the spring semester (January) on June 15, and for the fall semester on September 15. Priority deadlines are November 1 for spring admission and March 1 for fall admission. We strongly encourage transfer students to apply for admission as early as possible. Qualified students applying after the priority deadline cannot be guaranteed admission.

If you have registered at other colleges and universities you may not disregard your records at those institutions. Failure to report previous college attendance is sufficient cause for cancellation of enrollment, of any credits earned, or both.

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Admission Guidelines

Transfer students will be evaluated for admission through a comprehensive, individualized review process.  Academic information considered will include the student's post-secondary academic records, and may also include high school records, standardized test scores, and/or other relevant academic information.  Academic preparation and success are the primary considerations for admission, although nonacademic factors also are considered.  Secondary nonacademic factors may include, but are not limited to, student experiences, work experience, leadership qualities, status as a nontraditional or returning adult, status as a veteran of the U.S. military, and diversity in personal background or experience. 

To be considered for transfer admission, a student should complete their freshman year (approximately 30 transferable credits) with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Most transfer students exceed the minimum 2.0 GPA requirement.  Students with fewer than 30 transferable credits may be considered for admission if they meet the freshman admission guidelines. Several majors at UW-Eau Claire require higher GPAs for admission into the major, and transfer students must meet or exceed these GPAs for intended major at time of admission into the university. These majors include, but are not limited to:

All majors within the College of Business – 2.6
Communication/Journalism – 2.5
Elementary Education – 2.75
Health Care Administration – 2.75
Kinesiology/Athletic Training – 2.75
Nursing – 3.0
Secondary Education – 2.75
Social Work – 2.5
Special Education – 2.75

Please note that many of these programs have a competitive admission process, and admission to the University does not guarantee admission to a specific major.

Please contact the Associate Director of Admissions for additional information.

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Transfer of Credits

An evaluation or official list of transferred credits will be prepared for you by the Admissions Office once you have been accepted. The credits you earned at an institution accredited by a regional or national accrediting organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education (CHEA) may be considered for transfer and will be applied toward a degree at UW-Eau Claire if they are appropriate to the specific degree. Continuing education courses, graduate-level courses, remedial courses or courses that are doctrinal in nature are not transferable.  In some cases technical courses may be considered for transfer depending if the quality and content of the coursework is judged to be comparable to coursework at UW-Eau Claire.

Credits earned more than ten years prior to admission may be invalid. Grades of "I," "N," "F" are treated as attempted course work and are calculated with a grade of "F."

Credits may be granted for post-secondary coursework at a foreign institution if it is recognized as a degree-granting institution by the authorities who supervise tertiary education in that country.

A maximum of 72 credits will be accepted from two-year colleges, University of Wisconsin Colleges, Wisconsin Technical Colleges or other accredited junior colleges.

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Orientation & Registration

All accepted transfer students are required to attend an orientation session. The orientation session includes a meeting with a faculty adviser to select courses for the following semester. Accepted transfer students are eligible to register at the same time as currently enrolled students who have the same number of credits. Students must attend an orientation session before they will be allowed to register.

Information about orientation will be sent to accepted transfer students in mid-fall for spring enrollment, and mid-spring for fall enrollment. Additional information about orientation can be found at:

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Questions and Answers

Q. How can I find out which courses I should take prior to transferring?

A. You can contact the Associate Director of Admissions at UW-Eau Claire. Indicate the school you are attending or planning to attend, your intended major, and a list of the courses you have taken or are planning to take. List your courses in this way please: MATH 110-College Algebra, 4 credits. We will then offer an unofficial evaluation of your courses and suggest additional courses you can take prior to transferring.

If you are attending a UW-College (2-year campus)  or Chippewa Valley Technical College, you can access a Transfer Guide online here.

Q. How will my credits transfer?

A. After you are admitted to UW- Eau Claire we will prepare an official transfer credit evaluation of your previous college level course work. With the exception of the University of Wisconsin System, an associate degree does not automatically complete the general education requirements, so each course will be evaluated on a course by course basis. Upon acceptance, a copy of your evaluation will be sent to you. If you would like to see if your courses transfer from one institution to another see the UW-Eau Claire Transfer Credit Wizard or the Transfer Information System (TIS).

Students who have already completed a baccalaureate degree and are admitted to UW-Eau Claire to pursue a second degree will not receive an official transfer credit evaluation. In their letter of acceptance they will receive information regarding whom to contact for advising.

Q. Will my financial aid transfer from my current school to UW-Eau Claire?

A. No, financial aid does not transfer. You must request a duplicate copy of your student Aid Report (SAR) online at UW-Eau Claire must be listed on the SAR as the institution you plan to attend. Our financial aid code is 003917. After you are admitted to UW-Eau Claire, a financial aid award notification will be sent to you. To get additional financial aid information visit our website at:

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Associate Director of Admissions


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