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Garfield Avenue project affects travel on lower campus.

The project is expected to be completed in fall 2018, and the footbridge will be closed from late May to late August in both 2017 and 2018.

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Welcome to our Online Ojibwe Language Program, where anyone can watch our live or archived classes for free. Archived classes can be found below, along with instructions for viewing. UW-Eau Claire offers two years of Ojibwe Language, and a "Certificate of Ojibwe Language." Ojibwe courses can be used to fulfill the foreign language requirement for a baccalaureate degree.  Those who have questions about our program or who wish to take Ojibwe online for college credit should contact our instructor:

Dr. Wendy Makoons Geniusz

We hope you will join us for our live classes ... and don't worry, we won't be able to see or hear you. But if you'd like to participate, you can chat with us during the class using the Chat feature.


We broadcast Beginning Ojibwe I Mon-Thurs 9:00am-9:50am and again at 10:00am-10:50am (central time)

We broadcast Intermediate Ojibwe I Mon-Thurs 4:00pm-4:50pm (central time).

If you want to join us for the live classes:

  1. Write down these instructions
  2. Go to this link for Beginning Ojibwe I:
  3. Go to this link for Intermediate Ojibwe I:
  4. Choose "Join Meeting" or "Join As a Guest" (whichever comes up)
  5. Give yourself a First Name only (no email or last name because it will be preserved with our archived video)
  6. If your computer wants to download a "plug in" let it by choosing "download" or "save" and then "run" (you will only have to do this once in a while).  If it asks you if you want it to "Allow" the program to run say "Allow."
  7. Uncheck the boxes beside "send mic and video" but if you forget we will do it for you.
  8. Click Enter Meeting

BOOZHOO! This is an archive of our Beginning Ojibwe I classes currently in progress Fall 2017.  We include both sections of the class in one recording.

These videos should be downloadable.  Let us know if you have problems with this.

No Class

No Class


Directions + Intros 

Intros: Me+ S/he

Intros: Conversing



Working with Numbers


Not Avail.

Numbers + NA vs NI

Dependent Nums+ Pres. Prep


Moons + Time

Making Study Aides

Birthdays: some tech probs

Review for Midterm






























 This is an archive of our Ojibwe II from our Spring 2017 classes.  If you have trouble downloading these files, please contact us.

These are the materials we are using in this class:

  • Dictionary: Peoples Ojibwe Dictionary:
  • Song CD: Gresczyk,Rick. et al.Nagamodaa Ojibwemong Abinoojiinh-nagamonan!: Let's Sing Children Songs in Ojibwe!.Minneapolis: EagleWorks, CD
  • Textbook: Gresczyk,Rick. And Margaret Sayers. Ambe Ojibwemodaa Endaayang! Minneapolis: EagleWorks

Spring 2017 Class


Not Avail.Asking for helpNot Avail.Asking for help1
Directions + "Don't"Places + CommandsNot Avail.Not Avail.2
Colors + na and niColors + na and niColors + NumbersOther Colours3
"The One That Is""The One That Is""The Ones That Are"Frosting Cookies4
seasons + color wrap upSeasonsSeasons + MoonsYears Moons "Like"5
Feelings + Grammar PatternsFeelings + Plural PeopleFeelings + Plural PeopleWe, They, You All6
"The One That is": Grammar"The One That is": Immersion"The One That is" and review"The One That is" and review7
Not Avail.Making Study ToolsMidterm Exam ReviewNot Avail.8
Not Avail.ComparisonsDoing more with VIIsPresentation Prep.9
Doing More With WeatherPractice PresentationsWrap up on VIIIsStudent Presentations10
IskigamizigewinRelating EventsIskigamizigengIskigamizigeng11
Using Things"And Then"Iskigamizge CORRECTIONSPointing Things Out12
Presentation PracticeSongs + Presentations

Presentation Prep

Listening Exercise

Student Presentations

Listening Exercise


Guest Speakers

Wiisiniwin  ReviewReviewReview15


Boozhoo! Welcome to our Intermediate Ojibwe I Archive of classes being recorded this fall 2017!  For this class we are primarily using the following text from Eagle Works: Traveling With Ojibwe: A Phrasebook in the Chippewa Language With Emphasis on the Contemporary. Copies can be purchased from our university bookstore:  715-836-2172
All of these classes should be downloadable. If you have any problems downloading them, please contact us:

 Nitam-anokii-giizhigak Niizho-giizhigak Aabitooseg Niiyo-giizhigak Week
Moons, Seasons, VTAsWeeks + Weather, VIIsVIIs + VTAsVTAs: You+Me 2
Mezinaatesegin + VTIs (an)Mezinaatesegin+VIIsMezinaatesegin +VAIsMezinaatesegin+Presenting 3
GichigamiinGichigamiinGichigamiin+nawajGiving Directions 4
Not AvailableNot AvailableAtaagengZhooniyaa-wataageng7
Midterm Review    


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