About our faculty

The faculty at UW-Eau Claire combine classroom knowledge with hands-on experiences. They encourage students to pursue their own individual interests and welcome them into their labs and personal research projects. And they help students connect with internships, summer jobs, research projects and study-abroad opportunities. Basically, they prepare students for the diverse demands of graduate school or their first job.

Clearly their connection goes far beyond moving students through their classes. They enjoy the challenge of teaching and advising students, and most important, they are excited about what they do.

Faculty of distinction
Learn more about professors whose work demonstrates UW-Eau Claire's high standards for scholarship, teaching and service.

Fast Facts

  • Full-time faculty: 408 (246 men; 162 women)
  • Part-time faculty: 71 (23 men; 48 women)
  • Total faculty with Ph.D. or other terminal degree: 78%
  • Multicultural faculty members: 35
  • Faculty with tenure: 58%
  • Faculty-student ratio: 1-to-20
  • Students doing faculty/student collaborative research: 710

Fred Kolb, economics, teaching an undergraduate course. 

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.