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UWEC's local Gallery of Student Writing

Some Haikus From National Day on Writing

Brownie? Cookie? Soap
What is this I don't even
Hope they are tasty

Morality is
Inherently contingent

Hipsters like old hats
Knitted with love by someone's mon

Born of crude, callous others,
Or fears of others?

Don't forget to write
Don't forget to sing and dance
It's all over soon

I walk down the hill
My feet hurt in class today
I want my scooter

Waiting. Thoughts drift by.
Lists. Tasks. Random memories
Clock; tick tock tick. Stop

The dead have risen,
And here I am without my
Zombie-killing stick

I love peanut beans
Cocoa beans are the best beans
Therefore, I love beans

Filling the board quick
Writers are such whores for food
Next time work for free

An alligator
Gobbles up the cookies fast
Hurry before they're....

Leaves fall steady, slow
Colors change yellow, orange
Beautiful autumn

Eating cake or pie
A moral philosophy
Eating both is cool

Strange fellows these two
The wookie and the Klingon
Behold thy geekness

Just like a car crash.
Hate it; can't take my eyes off
50 Shades of Gray

Spring and Summer are memories
Winter brings shivers of cold and snow
Smiles will warm the heart


Numerous students helped create a collaborative story on our Writing Center's walls. Thank you to everyone who contributed and participated in National Day on Writing events. Enjoy this truly unique piece of work!

2017 National Day on Writing Collaborative Story


I ate dinner with George Washington. Not THAT George Washington, but this guy did also have wooden teeth. He bit me. It hurt. But that is beside the point. I adopted a teacup piggy named Queen Elizabeth the II. She bit me too. "Ouch Charlie bit me!" I said. So I cooked her up the stove. And then ate a sandwich. What was in the sandwich? Then a talking Pembroke Welsh corgi descended from my ceiling. But that is beside the point. I really need to tell you about that sandwich. It was the best pulled pork this side of the Mississippi! At least that is what the guide told me. "Is there any pulled corgi available for purchase?" I asked the guide. Above me, the corgi screamed. 

We hear the soft tone of Sara McLachlan in the background, "In the arms of an angel". She was descending from the ceiling! "Get back, Sara!" I brandished my sandwich, "YOUR POWERS HAVE NO HOLD IN THIS PLACE!" Sara slowly stepped back, the sweet tone of her voice becoming more sour by the second. She morphed into a vampire. The vampire teleported behind me and said "Heh, nothing personal kid," which I liked because they have nice legs.

Sara then bit Lady Gaga and turned her into a vampire as well. Wait, where did Lady Gaga come from? Who knows! Out of the ceiling, of course. Just dance. It will be okay. In walked Cheeto-in-Chief. We read from a book of exorcisms and banished him - no one needs THAT at their epic battle for pulled corgi. This is all "fake news". So naturally all major news outlets picked up the story of "pulled corgi". 

Then, an orange kitty cat ate the entire story. And threw it up. But did it really? Then suddenly, explosions. A new universe, exploding ever outwards and upwards and inwards and in all sorts of directions, and it was born from the projectile vomit of a cat. 

Suddenly, I awoke from this terrible nightmare. My pet corgi named Sebastian bit me. I stole him from the Queen. He goes on an epic trip to find Mum. After four long years, though, he finds the truth. And he started by interviewing a man with wooden teeth... now, where have I heard that before?