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UWEC's local Gallery of Student Writing

Some Haikus From National Day on Writing

Brownie? Cookie? Soap
What is this I don't even
Hope they are tasty

Morality is
Inherently contingent

Hipsters like old hats
Knitted with love by someone's mon

Born of crude, callous others,
Or fears of others?

Don't forget to write
Don't forget to sing and dance
It's all over soon

I walk down the hill
My feet hurt in class today
I want my scooter

Waiting. Thoughts drift by.
Lists. Tasks. Random memories
Clock; tick tock tick. Stop

The dead have risen,
And here I am without my
Zombie-killing stick

I love peanut beans
Cocoa beans are the best beans
Therefore, I love beans

Filling the board quick
Writers are such whores for food
Next time work for free

An alligator
Gobbles up the cookies fast
Hurry before they're....

Leaves fall steady, slow
Colors change yellow, orange
Beautiful autumn

Eating cake or pie
A moral philosophy
Eating both is cool

Strange fellows these two
The wookie and the Klingon
Behold thy geekness

Just like a car crash.
Hate it; can't take my eyes off
50 Shades of Gray

Spring and Summer are memories
Winter brings shivers of cold and snow
Smiles will warm the heart


Numerous students helped create a collaborative story on our Writing Center's walls. Thank you to everyone who contributed and participated in National Day on Writing events.

2015 National Day on Writing Collaborative Story


Deep in the woods there lived a squirrel with a majestic fur coat that lead him to believe in an unknown world ruled by a dragon named Stan who breathed molten chocolate (he hated fire) upon the village of Hortonville. Stan also loved to eat. Stan was patient.He waited for the perfect moment to eat.But one day he ate eggs and had an allergic reaction. But alas, no epi-pen! D: Without a solution, what does Stan do? To find help, he traveled to the Mystic Pond where he met Bill and Jill, two twin seahorses.However, Stan did not speak their language so he used hand gestures, which he hoped weren't offensive. Unfortunately, they were very offensive.The seahorses flipped their tails at Stan and began to swim away. It was at that moment that Stan chose a new tactic.EVERYONE knows seahorses love chocolate, so Stan blew some molten chocolate, which naturally cooled as soon as it touched the water. But this chocolate was different, it was…MOLTEN LAVA!The volcano was very new now.And whenever a chocolate breathing dragon gets too close to a volcano…and doesn't have an epi-pen, the volcano erupts magic…whale blubber. This blubber covered the squirrel from deep in the woods, causing him to gain extreme magical powers. Like the ability to give tremendous tax and investment advice. The squirrel's extreme magical powers were boring to some specific creatures that lived in the unknown world he believed in.