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Center for Writing Excellence: Writing Fellows

The Writing Fellows program matches experienced undergraduate Writing Assistants with faculty seeking additional support in writing-intensive courses.

Meet the Fall 2014 Writing Fellows!


Amanda Chase

I am a senior majoring in English Education with minors in Special Education and Business Administration. I am actively involved with UWEC Concert Dance Company and spend most of my free time in the dance studio. I also enjoy reading, watching Gilmore Girls, and cooking.

As a Writing Fellow, I believe in creating an open environment and building relationships with professors and their students to promote collaboration for writers at every level. Peer collaboration and open conversations during conferences create powerful learning opportunities for both myself and the writer I am working with. This collaborative process in conjunction with seeing the progression of my peers’ writing skills throughout the semester is rewarding and emphasizes the positive outcomes of peer tutoring. 

Brenna Daley Fellows Picture

 Brenna Daley

I am a junior majoring in Organizational Communication, and minoring in Scientific and Technical Writing. I have worked in the Center for Writing Excellence for two semesters. Some of my personal interests include drinking coffee, eating tacos, baking, and watching Trailer Park Boys on Netflix.

As both a Writing Assistant and a Writing Fellow, I like to think of myself as a coach. I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to develop strong writing skills. It is my responsibility not only to offer guidance, but also to encourage students to perform to their greatest potential. I am passionate about working with others, because through peer collaboration, both parties have the opportunity to learn. I look forward to meeting each and every student with whom I will be working.

Alex H Fellows Picture

Alexandria Herrera

I am a senior majoring in English Education. I'm also an active participant our university's Honors Program. After graduating this May, I'm hoping to teach in a high school English classroom and share my love of Young Adult Literature with students. When I'm not in the Center for Writing Excellence you can usually find me over at Haas rehearsing for marching band or the athletic pep band.

This is my second year as a Writing Assistant, and my first semester as a Writing Fellow. Working one-on-one with students in a comfortable, collaborative peer setting is such a rewarding and valuable experience. I'm very excited to help students further improve the quality of their writing as they explore new disciplines. The ways in which students analyze and effectively write about the topics at hand in classrooms is fascinating to me, and I hope to better understand the ways that people make meaning of the world around them.


Nyssa L Fellows Picture

Nyssa Langlois

My favorite aspect of working in the Center for Writing Excellence is helping students feel confident about their writing.  As a student, there is nothing more nerve-wracking than writing for a professor; a student's paper is a direct representation of his or her values, ideas, and perceptions of a particular topic, and I love being able to work with students in order to express these values, ideas, and perceptions with the utmost clarity.





Caitlin Mead

Caitlin Mead

I am a fifth year senior majoring in English Literature and minoring in German Language. I love reading and writing, which makes me a stereotypical English major, I know. Tolkien is my passion, so if you want to talk Lord of the Rings, I hope you've read the books! The "interesting thing about me" I always share on that first day of class is that I own two hedgehogs. Yes, they make wonderful pets; no, they are not related to porcupines. I also enjoy swing dancing and iced tea.

As a freshman, it seemed that either you were good at writing and became an English Major, or you hated writing and chose an emphasis that avoided it. However, that kind of division simply isn't possible in our modern society. Writing is an essential skill in every discipline, and it doesn't have to be a harrowing experience. As a Writing Fellow, I have the opportunity to be more deeply involved in another's writing process and to grow with them: sharing, connecting, and collaborating over a project in an encouraging environment. I help the student tackle the project at hand and teach some writing tools to use on the next one, but we also learn together to communicate efficiently first with each other and our professors, later with our co-workers, bosses, communities, and across nations.


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