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Women's Studies Scholarships

The HELEN X. SAMPSON FUND was created to support special Women’s Studies projects. Helen Sampson was a pioneer in founding Women in Higher Education, the UW System Office for Women with commitments to equal employment, educational opportunity, and affirmative action, and in institutionalizing the field of Women’s Studies across the UW System. The annual March Women’s Studies Celebration and its awards offer an exciting means to keep Helen Sampson’s name and spirit alive. It seems particularly appropriate to link top student talent with an award bearing the name of this UWEC leader. The UW-Eau Claire Foundation and the Women’s Studies Committee are pleased to recognize the pioneering contributions of Professor Helen X. Sampson by naming awards in three categories in her honor.

  1. Helen X. Sampson Graduate Award
  2. Helen X. Sampson Undergraduate Paper Award
  3. Helen X. Sampson Undergraduate Project Award

Mickey Crothers Award is offered for an outstanding, first generation undergraduate female student whose creative expression is related to gender issues or represents an unusual achievement for a woman.

Donna C. Turell Award is offered for an outstanding undergraduate or graduate paper or project related to the application of feminism to one’s life. This award is given in honor of the memory of Donna C. Turell, a gracious woman whose presence honored both her community and her family throughout her life.

Virgiline and Joseph Seedepression children who grew into working class lives and traditional roles, raised eight children in a household where sisterhood was powerful simply because their six girls outnumbered the boys. The Virgiline and Joseph See Award is offered for an outstanding poetry submission by a male or female student who knows the risk it takes to call oneself a poet.

Tillie Olsenhighly praised author of Tell Me a Riddle, Silences, and Yonnondio, writes about people who have been denied the opportunity to express and develop themselves because of their class, sex, or ethnicity. She is regarded as one of the earliest spokespersons for the contemporary women's movement. The Tillie Olsen Award is offered for an outstanding fiction or creative non-fiction submission by a male or female student whose work explores progressive gender relationships.

Ailish Frances Barcelo Award recognizes an undergraduate woman who embodies the spirit and ideals of the Women’s Studies Program.

To be eligible for an award a student has to be nominated by a faculty member who feels strongly about a student's work (papers, projects and/or research). Awards are presented to students in the spring during the Women's Studies Award Ceremony.  

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For more scholarship information/availability check out UWEC's Scholarship page.