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Curriculum committee  


(Meets as necessary as directed by Women’s Studies Director. Reports to Women’s Studies Committee).


A minimum of three university faculty and/or academic staff members (2 elected plus one appointed by the Women's Studies Program Director), serving staggered terms of three years, a voting student member who is a Women's Studies major or minor, serving a one-year term which can be renewed by committee approval, and the Women's Studies Program Director. Candidates for the Curriculum Committee should have taught in the program within the past five years. The chair for the academic year will be selected at the first meeting of the year.


  • Review individual course proposals and make recommendations concerning the Women’s Studies Program curriculum.  Initiate the development of new courses with the WMNS prefix.
  • Design, maintain and monitor program assessment.  Design and update course evaluation strategies and instruments.
  • Monitor the breadth and sequencing of the Women’s Studies curriculum across disciplines and recommend changes to maintain the academic integrity of the program.

  • Review enrollments to ensure that Women’s Studies offerings match program needs and priorities.
  • Assist and advise the Women’s Studies Director as requested.

  • Submit an annual report to the Women’s Studies Program Director.


  • Audrey Fessler, Chair
  • Mary Hoffman
  • Janice Bogstad
  • Jan Stirm