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Women's Studies staff

 Women's Studies Faculty share interests in and commitments to diverse women's issues, as well as feminist scholarship and pedagogies. Please feel free to contact faculty to discuss a course, program or topic of interest to you.

Left Photo: Professor Laurel Kieffer with the Feminist Lifetime of
Distinguished Service Award (2015).


asha sen

Dr. Asha Sen 

Women's Studies Program Director
Hibbard Hall 371
(715) 836-2732


Barbara Kernan

Dr. Barbara Kernan 

Women's Studies Faculty
Hibbard Hall 372
(715) 836-5718

Barbara Kernan earned her Bachelors degree at U.W.--Eau Claire with a double major in French and English.  She attended the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College, Vermont, and earned a Masters degree in 1996.  The rural campus nestled among Vermont's Green Mountains is "literature heaven", she claims.  Dr. Kernan holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her dissertation explores Edith Wharton's fascination with architecture, decorating, and design.  Dr. Kernan's area of concentration is American Literature, Colonial to WWI, especially women's writing.  American Material Culture Studies allow her to investigate early American literature and life from an interdisciplinary perspective which includes art history and women's studies.  At U.W.--Eau Claire she teaches in both the English and Women's Studies departments.  She enjoys the natural surroundings of her rural Eau Claire home which she shares with her sons and her English Setters.


Dr. Theresa Kemp

Women's Studies and English Faculty
Centennial Hall 4116
(715) 836-2042

Theresa D. Kemp (Ph.D. Indiana University, 1994) joined UWEC’s English Department in 1999 after having taught at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  After serving for several years as UWEC’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, she was the 2010-2011 Interim Coordinator for Women’s Studies. In addition to courses on writing and research methods, she teaches Shakespeare (early modern and post-colonial revisions), medieval and early modern British literature, women's literature (early modern and contemporary), women’s studies and feminist theory, British/US representations of witchcraft, and the Feminist Teacher Editing Practicum.


Dr. Audrey Fessler

Women's Studies and English Faculty
Centennial Hall 4310
(715) 836-3016


Dr. Diane Detournay

Women's Studies                             
Visiting Assistant Professor
Hibbard Hall 368

Dr. Diane Detournay completed her PhD in Feminist Studies at the University of Minnesota with a concentration in post-colonial and transnational feminism, and a secondary expertise in LGBTQ studies. Dr. Detournay’s research examines the constitutive role of race and civilizational difference within the liberal feminist tradition, and the rearticulation of racial ideologies within global women’s human rights platforms.  Her passion for Women's Studies began as early as 2004 when she earned her undergraduate degree in Women's Studies and Art History from the University of Minnesota.  She teaches WMNS 206, 250, 301, 335, and 406 for the Women's Studies program at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Her passion lies in providing students with the "tools to think critically about power and marginalization in the world." In her leisure time, Dr. Detournay enjoys running, baking, and spending time with her family. 

Jeni Haddad

Jeni Haddad

Women's Studies Lecturer
Hibbard Hall 367
(715) 836-4484

Jeni Haddad graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a double major in women's studies and English literature. She then attended Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota and earned her master's degree from the Gender and Women's Studies Program. As a graduate student, and later as an adjunct professor, Haddad was able to teach a variety of courses such as Feminist Theory, Woman and Change, and Women and Spirituality. She has a deep passion for social justice and currently is engaged in antiviolence works. Haddad not only leads the Gender and Violence course but is also Domestic Violence Program director for the Family Support Center in Chippewa Falls.