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Women's Studies staff


Women's Studies Faculty share interests in and commitments to diverse women's issues, as well as feminist scholarship and pedagogies. Please feel free to contact faculty to discuss a course, program or topic of interest to you.


asha sen

Dr. Asha Sen 

Women's Studies Program Director
Hibbard Hall 371
(715) 836-2732


Barbara Kernan

Dr. Barbara Kernan

Women's Studies Faculty
Hibbard Hall 372
(715) 836-5718
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Dr. Theresa Kemp

Women's Studies and English Faculty
Centennial Hall 4116
(715) 836-2042
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Dr. Audrey Fessler

Women's Studies and English Faculty
Centennial Hall 4310
(715) 836-3016


Dr. Diane Detournay

Women's Studies
Visiting Assistant Professor
Hibbard Hall 374

Jeni Haddad

Jeni Haddad

Women's Studies Lecturer
Hibbard Hall
(715) 836-4484

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