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To top Introduction

This document has been prepared to assist you to learn about publishing on UW-Eau Claire Web sites. We encourage you to explore and experiment and to consider incorporating instructional and administrative information into the system.

To top Mission

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's World Wide Web (Web) sites exist as information and publishing resources to support the members of the university community in accomplishing the university's mission of instruction, research and public service.

To top Philosophy

Given the dynamic nature of the Web as information and publication resources and the changing nature of the university, policies and procedures should accommodate an institutional and cultural evolution. Exploration and experimentation will be supported in the context of the university's mission.

Leadership should be provided through creative, innovative and responsible use by individuals across the campus. Users should be guided by agreed upon UW-Eau Claire standards and policies regarding the publication and use of information.

Administration of sites should emphasize the reshaping of existing resources rather than the creation of a new, centralized information bureaucracy. UW-Eau Claire Web sites should operate with a minimum of central structure. User training and support should emphasize the decentralized model.

To top Statement of Purpose

UW-Eau Claire maintains Web sites to support the instructional, research, and administrative activities of the university, and to foster communication within the university community and with the greater electronic community around the world. The purpose of these sites is to:

  1. Serve as an instructional resource in support of curriculum and learning
  2. Provide information about UW-Eau Claire with clarity and accuracy to both the university community and the outside world
  3. Provide a common point of access to networked resources for the use of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and others
  4. Enable members of the university community to publish information in the manner they deem most appropriate, within the general guidelines which follow.

To top Access To Publishing

UW-Eau Claire faculty, staff, and students may publish the following types of pages on UW-Eau Claire Web sites, according to the guidelines and policies described in this document.

  • Department/office/organization pages. These are first pages for academic departments, administrative and support units, organized and authorized student activities and authorized faculty/staff activities.
  • Supporting pages. These are pages that are linked from department/office/organization pages such as informational/topical pages and professional pages.
  • Staff and Faculty pages. These are pages that are designed to support teaching, research and administrative activities at this university.
  • Student pages. These are pages that are designed to support activities related to studies at this university.
  • Affiliated organization pages. These are pages for sites of organizations whose goals are closely related to the UW-Eau Claire mission and/or where UW-Eau Claire has an institutional membership.

The state of Wisconsin prohibits the use of state resources for personal use. For that reason university resources may not be used for the publishing of personal home pages. While not intended solely for personal use, incidental personal use is allowed for staff and faculty pages and student pages.

Should restrictions become necessary due to resource constraints, access will be supported in the context of the university's mission of instruction, research and public service at the discretion of the Assistant Chancellor of Information & Technology Management (ITM).

To top Process for Publishing

The University Web Coordinator will review department/office/organization and supporting Web pages prior to their initial activation to verify minimal technical and style requirements as described in the UW-Eau Claire Web Style Guide. Additional assistance is available upon request to individuals and departments regarding issues such as copyright, design, technical considerations, available resources, training, etc. Once a page is activated, no further review will be initiated unless requested.

To top Official University Information

Official university information is defined as all university records as well as photographs, audiovisual materials, trademarked graphic symbols, presentations and publications, whether in printed or electronic form, wherein there is representation of the university or reflection of university policy.

Consult with the News Bureau and/or Publications Office regarding photographs, audiovisual materials, trademarked graphic symbols and written copy wherein there is representation of the university or reflection of university policy. Consult with Records Management about university records.

To top UW-Eau Claire Publishing Guidelines
  1. Publishers: Departments/offices/organizations shall designate one or more individuals as site publisher(s) for that unit. Each designated publisher along with the person in charge of the unit or that person's designee accepts responsibility for the content and form of what is published under that unit's section. Individual staff and faculty and student publishers are responsible for the pages in their site.
  2. Style Guide: Publishers should follow the UW-Eau Claire Web Style Guide, which was developed to assist anyone publishing on the university public Web site. Each unit's site is unique and individual, yet represents the university and reflects on its image. These guidelines regarding format and structure are aimed at maintaining a professional look and feel and ease of navigation through the site.
  3. Advertising and Sponsorship: Pages on all sites are subject to the UW System Advertising, Sponsorship and Links on the Internet policy. This policy defines the types of pages that fall under this policy and describes appropriate use.
  4. Document Duplication: Publishers should avoid duplicating documents appearing on other parts of the server or elsewhere on the UW-Eau Claire network; the preferred manner is to create a link to that information electronically. This helps to prevent errors or contradictions that can occur when duplicating information, and helps to insure that the original source's name, revision date, and continuing updates will appear on the document regardless of who links to it.
  5. Web Servers: Publishers using their own servers should ensure that their servers are accessible at all times except for routine maintenance and scheduled power outages, and are backed up properly.
  6. Intellectual Property: Publishers should be aware of U.S. laws governing copyrights. Any violation of copyright or any other law is the sole responsibility of the publisher(s) of the particular information in question. It is safest to assume that copyright laws which apply to printed material also apply to on-line publishing. Further information may be obtained from the University Copyright Office.
  7. Accessible Web Pages: Publishers should be aware of U.S. laws governing accessibility of Web sites of federally funded institutions. For more information, please refer to our page on Accessible Web Pages
  8. Trademark: The university's name, logos, seals, symbols and slogans are trademarked. Commercial use of these trademarks requires permission. These trademarks may be used on any of the defined sites as long as conditions for their use are met. Contact the Publications Office for details.

To top University Policies Relating to UW-Eau Claire Web Sites

  1. In accordance with UW-Eau Claire's University Software Usage Policy, section 5:24 of the Policy Book, no unauthorized use, copying, or publishing of Licensed Software is permitted.
  2. Use of university Web sites are subject to the UW-Eau Claire Policy Statement on Sexual Harassment. The Policy Statement on Sexual Harassment is contained in the UW-Eau Claire Student Services and Standards handbook.
  3. Use of sites for profit or commercial purposes (other than official university business) is prohibited. In addition to the reference to the Computer Usage Guidelines for commercial purposes, please see 5:16.1 Use of and Charges For Services at UW-Eau Claire, contained in the University Policy Book.
  4. Federal, State and Local Laws regulate unauthorized access to computer facilities and software. Users of university computing facilities are responsible for compliance with these laws. Refer to the Computer and Network Usage Guidelines.
  5. Refer to the UW System Advertising, Sponsorship and Links on the Internet policy for definitions of affected sites and appropriate use.
  6. If a conflict with these or any applicable university policy is brought to the attention of the University Web Coordinator, follow-up will be taken through appropriate administrative channels.

To top References

  • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Computer and Network Usage Guidelines
  • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Student Services and Standards handbook
  • University of Wisconsin-Policy Book

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