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Accessible Web Pages

UW-Eau Claire is committed to providing Web pages that are universally accessible by all persons, including those with disabilities. Not only is it the law, but it makes good sense not to exclude any segment of our audience from the rich content contained on the UW-Eau Claire Web. To that end, UW-Eau Claire has adopted a set of Web Accessibility Standards to guide our site development.

Learning and applying the techniques needed to make our sites accessible may take some time. Staff are available to provide assistance in many ways. You will find the Web Accessibility Frequently Asked Questions list to be very helpful in understanding why this issue is important and what you can do to make your sites accessible. The WebAIM Section 508 Checklist is a good document to review to determine if your pages pass accessibility tests.

You may also want to view the streamed version of our video entitled, "Web Accessibility -- A Level Playing Field" to understand how screen readers are used.

If you need help, please contact us. For more information, please visit the sites referenced below.