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UW-Eau Claire Web Site Standards

Why standards?

What does it generally mean to have standards? To some it means more work and less freedom to adhere to a particular standard. To others it means never having to worry about whether or not the appliance you buy will plug into your electrical outlet and work! (Okay, so you need adapters when you go abroad, but you get the idea.)

Web standards at UW-Eau Claire

There are many types of standards, especially when it comes to the Web. As you read through the collection of pages in this section you'll find there is a Web Style Guide that describes the standards for using the UW-Eau Claire wordmark, maintaining contact information, etc. Not all sites must adhere to the style guide, but all sites must follow the guidelines and policies for accessibility and computer usage described on Accessible Web Pages and in the UWEC Web Guidelines.

How is this helpful?

Users appreciate predictability and structure when browsing a Web site and standards help give them this. Standard coding practices mean that no matter what browser, screen reader, or PDA device is being used, information is accessible.

Editorial standards

UW-Eau Claire uses the Associated Press Stylebook as its editorial standard. You may wish to refer to the University Communications Office's Editorial Guidelines for more information about standards for writing. Intended for printed materials, it gives useful examples of correct usage of titles, rooms and buildings, academic terms and more.