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Student Organization Web Sites

New Accounts

Does your student organization need a Web site? The features provided by OrgSync, the content management system provided by Activities, Involvement and Leadership (AIL) for official student organizations, will provide you with the tools to communicate with current and prospective organization members.

As of October 14, 2013, all new site requests are being directed to the AIL office. Contact Sara Thommesen at 715-836-4020 for more information.

You will find more information on the Student Organizations web site.



If you have an existing student organization Web site not in OrgSync, you can submit the form below to change the permissions of the group. This will continue to be the process until June 1, 2014, when all sites will be switched to OrgSync or an alternate location.

Permissions Change Request for Student Organizations

Note: The Web publishing group name used by Activities, Involvement and Leadership to grant access to this space is WEB.YOURACCOUNTNAME. If you don't know 'youraccountname', it is your site's root URL. (e.g.,


Connecting and Editing

Until June 1, 2014, here's what you need to know in order to connect to your Web site to build and maintain your pages. This information will be sent to you via email at the time the account is set up. Be sure to forward this knowledge on as your Web publishers pass through your organization.


Your site's Web address will be: If you name your home page "index.htm", this will provide you with the shortest URL possible.

Drive Mapping

PC share path: \\lucy\yourAccountName$
Macintosh mount path: //lucy/yourAccountName$


You will need to use a Web editing tool such as Dreamweaver to maintain your site. Using it requires that you map to the drive above and use that drive to establish a site definition in Dreamweaver. 

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