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Web Accounts

The types of Web accounts available at UW-Eau Claire are described below (more details).

Do you need to start a new UW-Eau Claire site? There are different ways to begin depending on the type of site.

Official Sites

These are Web sites that represent UW-Eau Claire and/or its official units, programs, centers, departments, offices or colleges. These sites use CommonSpot, a Web content management system, to publish content. If you don't already have a site, submit this form:

Account Request Form for Official Sites.

Student Organization Sites

These are Web sites created for active student organizations recognized by Activities, Involvement and Leadership. For more detailed information about these sites and to request a new site, see the Student Organization Web Sites page.

Staff Organization Sites

These are Web sites created for officially recognized and active staff organizations. If you don't already have a site, submit this form:

Account Request Form for Staff Organizations.

Staff Profile Pages

All UW-Eau Claire staff members have a site built for them that automatically displays contact information and automatically updates that information over time. An A-Z list of staff profiles is automatically generated. These sites use our Web content management system, CommonSpot. Individuals are able to make changes to the content of their site. Contact for more information.

People Pages

This Web space is provided for UW-Eau Claire staff for professional information related to your employment at UW-Eau Claire. Sites can be requested by sending an email message to After your account has been set up, you will receive instructions on its use.

This service is open Web space accessible by mapping to a drive share. Sites will be removed once the employee is no longer an employee at UW-Eau Claire. It is the responsibility of the employee to copy the site pages to a backup space if so desired. LTS will assist with the backup if needed, to make sure the employee can take the site data with them when they retire or leave.