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Developing a Page for your Forms

The Form Finder page is a UW-Eau Claire top-level page identifying units that have developed a listing of forms for their site. Adjacent to the unit name are key words that match the kind of forms one will find.

If you would like your forms page linked here, please email with the name of your unit, the URL for your page and a small list of keywords.

As you consider developing such a page for your unit, please keep these things in mind.

  • Identify the document types (Word, PDF, etc.) and indicate how to complete them
    • Web form (Complete and submit online)
    • PDF (Print, then complete the paper form)
    • DOC
      • (Complete online, then print)
      • (Print, them complete paper form)
    • Excel (Complete online, then print)
    • See the Registrar's form page for an example.
  • Provide links to information about completing the form if complex
  • Separate form items by audience headings if it makes sense (student forms, faculty and staff forms)
  • If a form is not available to off-campus readers, indicate so
  • Consider placing a link to the Form Finder page somewhere on your page!