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Maintaining Your CommonSpot Site

I've got my new CommonSpot site; I've completed the Basics and Intermediate workshops. Now what?

We'd like to encourage you to plan for site maintenance and review.

  • Be sure your unit allocates adequate time for Web publishers to keep the site up-to-date
  • As staff duties change, be sure to schedule training for personnel who are newly appointed Web publishers
  • Create an annual calendar reminder (or more often) to discuss site update needs with your staff members  

But what happens when I can't figure something out? When do I need to make template changes? When should I create additional subsites? How do I create a special page layout?

These are questions we encourage you to ask. But you don't have to go it alone. We offer several options for advice and assisted Web publishing.  

Call the Help Desk – 715-836-5711 or

  • When you see abnormal behavior (maybe there's a bug?) 
  • When you've forgotten how to do a routine task 
  • When you can't get help anywhere else  

Sign up for a CommonSpot Open House session (Assisted work time)

  • When you need a refresher on a particular topic 
  • When you need to perform a task that has not been covered in any workshop 
  • If you  need to make template changes for the first time, let us help to make sure you don't run into any long-term issues with security or inheritance 
  • Perhaps after a site review, you need to add an entirely new category of information on your horizontal navigation bar. We'll discuss your options and help you do it 
  • For any other questions  

Look for help on the Web Development Services site

  • Check the announcements section on the home page (or sign up for the RSS feed) 
  • Check out items in the CommonSpot section                                                                

Contact Web Development Services 

  • When you need advice 
  • When you need help on a project that will take longer than a quick call