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CommonSpot 6.2 Issues List

Please refer to the issues listed on this page on a regular basis. The status will be updated as problems are identified and resolved.

Issue Status
Using the HTML element for web forms, scripts, etc. will cause a set of characters to appear () Waiting for a bug fix
Some updates will take 'Clear and update cache' or time lapse before changes appear A change in the way caching in the system occurs now causes delays for display of content. This may only be a minute, or a half an hour, depending on the element in question
Do NOT use the 'Rename subsite' function. This feature should only be run by the CommonSpot administrator. If you need to change the name of a subsite, contact Erich or Lillian.
Do NOT upload and link an uploaded document in one step. First upload the document using New >> Uploaded Document..., then link it on the page where needed. Bug fix is being worked on
Changing links on referring pages using the Registered External Links change process works. But a secondary option to also change referring page's links to the registered page that do not use the registration process does NOT work. This is an obscure secondary process that most will not encounter. Bug has been reported and we are awaiting a fix.
 Cannot copy an Info Box at this time. Data will be lost.  Being investigated
Before creating a new subsite, contact Lillian or Erich as an additional step needs to be taken that only they can complete.  This bug has been patched
 Sidebar image mimics image placed in content region. This bug has been patched
 Web publishing tasks complete but the system gives the impression that processing has not completed or the system times out but does complete after a VERY long time. This issue has been resolved