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About Us

Web Development Services is a unit of Learning and Technology Services. With assistance from staff members in a many different areas, we provide the basic working structure for Web sites at UW-Eau Claire. We:

  • Work with Technical Services staff to provide a stable and redundant network of servers.

  • Work with University Communications to develop style and accessibility standards to ensure the best possible experience for our Web site visitors.

  • Work with Help Desk and BITS staff to make sure that Web publishers have the tools and get the know-how to create and maintain high quality Web sites.

  • Develop database-driven Web applications and provide advice for the do-it-yourselfer.

  • Provide help for using the tools we provide – such as CommonSpot, custom searches and Web statistics – and the best Web design practices.

  • Provide evaluation and advice on your existing site to ensure that it complies with UW -Eau Claire standards and accessibility guidelines.

  • Provide design assessment from the users' perspective. Ease of navigation, clarity of content, overall organization and graphic "look" are evaluated.

  • Provide student WebDev services to help bridge the gap when assistance is needed.

  • Maintain the systems that keep UW-EauClaire’s public and internal sites operational.

  • Help maintain the UW-Eau Claire top -level pages.

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.