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Dr. Pierce visited the New Auburn sand plant construction site on August 3, 2011 under conditions of no wind.  Five-minute samples of respirable dust taken on the construction site and at the New Auburn School athletic field did not show different airborne dust concentrations.  There were small spills of what appeared to be frac sand on the railroad tracks.  This white sand was homogenous in size, slightly damp, and did not emit respirable particles when handled.

Photos taken of the silica sand mine and processing site at CTH DD and STH 64 in the Town of Auburn on October 7, 2011 by James Torseth. Note visible emissions from sand piles.  Photographer noted "Upwind of the site the sky was clear.  Downwind of the site there was a whitish gray haze extending for a mile or more."
Torseth - 10-11-4


Torseth - 10- 11 -3

Particles blowing off washed sand stockpile at the LaGesse mine in Cooks Valley on October 14, 2011(photo provided by Pat Popple). 

Washed sand stockpile LaGesse mine Cooks Valley

Photo of Superior Silica Sand mine in Bloomer, WI on November 5, 2011 (from Mary Kenosian).